star wars lego minifigures

star wars lego minifigures

I remember the exact circumstances in which the boys fell in love with Star Wars.

The Sphero BB-8 that I’d bought for Sam had captured their attention, and they asked to watch the film.

After years of Sam trying and failing to pique their interests with the Star Wars films, they sat through The Force Awakens, and that was it. They were hooked. The rest of the films were watched. Lightsabers were given at Christmas. And nowadays, at any one point in our house, I can usually find a boy wielding a lightsaber with the conviction that they ARE a real-life jedi.

The Lego thing was the latest obsession to hit our house. It’s become Sam’s ‘thing’ that he does with the boys now. On a rainy weekend, they can usually be found at the dining table (which is now completely taken over by various Lego constructions), working on their latest build.

We have the millenium falcon, the sandcrawler, and Boba Fett’s ship is in progress. Pretty soon I am going to need an entire room dedicated to Lego displays.

Star Wars is the first thing to capture their imaginations in this way, and it’s such a pleasure to be an onlooker to this stage of childhood.

I feel so lucky that Arlo and Rory love to play together like this. During the school week, they can tend to feel a little at a loss with how to entertain themselves. And then, for some reason, as soon as the school holidays hit, they switch straight away to a new routine – one where they disappear off together for hours and invent all sorts of new games. There is no greater pleasure for me than watching my children bond together like this.

I wanted to try something a little different to my usual style in my Snapshots and Scenes video this month. Generally, when I film the boys, I find an angle and try and keep a steady shot. I don’t move around a lot, and all my shots are quite static. This time, I wanted to see what happens when I add movement to my shots. I really like the effect, it feels a lot more ‘fly on the wall’ to me, and I’m definitely going to keep experimenting with movement in future videos.


Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly project focusing on telling a story through words, images, and video. It can be a summary of the month just past, a celebration of a special occasion or milestone, or highlighting the little moments.
I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.


Snapshots and Scenes is open to everyone! We’d love to hear your stories and your adventures, big and small. Just link up your blog posts or youtube videos below to join in:


  1. Looks like you are having a great summer and love how you edit your videos. I am loving this new linky and so many will be loving it too when it catches on and gets out there. I think this winter so many more will be wanting to learn and try it out.

  2. My 4 love Star Wars too (much to my husband’s pride) and they keep humming the Imperial March, even my toddler! Looks like the boys are having a great time with their Star Wars LEGO! Loving our little #SnapshotsandScenes: what a fun and creative project!

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