Have you and your family been saving up for a much-needed holiday in the near future?

Are you looking to clean out an old room in anticipation of a friend who is planning to visit? What do these two seemingly disparate situations have in common? They are both excellent opportunities to obtain a bit of extra financial liquidity in no time at all. Selling old or otherwise out-of-date household items is a great opportunity and while you may indeed take a stroll down memory lane, let’s not forget that objects which might be taking up excess space could turn a handsome profit. What are some top tips to keep in mind when performing a public boot sale and how might the Internet be of assistance?

 Boot Sale Suggestions 101

It is first a good idea to take a look at the items that you are planning to sell. How appealing will they be to the general public? While some accessories such as kitchen utensils and upholstery will always come in handy, the same is not always true in regards to a tattered childhood blanket or a box of moth-ridden books. Always remember that usefulness is critical when making a sale. This is also why some items will tend to market themselves and others are destined for the rubbish heap.

Try to present your offers in an attractive manner. If you plan to sell clothes, be sure that they are cleaned and pressed. As opposed to folding them up, use a handful of coat hangars so shoppers have an idea about which size suits them the best. Other objects such as small figurines, paintings and jewellery should likewise be polished and dusted in order to increase their visual appeal.

Marketing to the Virtual Buyer Community

While boot sales are a great deal of fun for the entire family, there are also several issues which could occur. The most common scenario is that the sale fails to attract a large audience (often a concern if you happen to live within a rural area). The weather could also be less than accommodating; limiting the number of shoppers who happen to pass by. One excellent alternative to avoid such scenarios is to create an online boot sale. How can this be accomplished?

The first step is to advertise the upcoming event via social media portals, local community pages and a standalone website (if you happen to own one). Assuming that you have already created a blog post or a site, it is a good idea to take a look at what e-commerce solutions such as Shopify can offer. These systems are essentially the “nuts and bolts” of any successful retail business. While they are often used by large organisations, there is no reason why such methods cannot be employed to address on-off requirements. Furthermore, these very same tools can thereafter be utilised in the future. So, it is clear that physical boot sales are not the only ways to make a bit of extra money.

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