wimbledon 1989

(My dad used to make these slogan t-shirts, and somehow the shoot ended up as the cover of the Mail on Sunday’s Wimbledon edition – My little brother, star of Wimbeldon ’89)

True story: Last year, shortly after Andy Murray won Wimbledon, my mum walked into a pub and spotted a familiar face.

It was one of those situations where she KNEW she knew the person, but she couldn’t remember how, and she was worried she might be offending her if she ignored her completely. She was about to go down the honest route by going up and admitting “I know that I know you, but I’m awfully sorry that I’ve forgotten your name”, when the woman left the pub. That woman, as my mum later realised when she had the lightbulb moment, was Judy Murray.

Well, no need to wonder who’s lending their voice to this Robinon’s tennis-y tips video below – it’s only the mum of Andy Murray – Britain’s no 1 tennis player.  Judy Murray has teamed up with Robinson’s to provide some great ideas and fun games for children to help improve their fine motor skills as well as encouraging an early love for tennis.

Watch the video below (MUM, YOU DON’T KNOW THIS WOMAN).

I love the cute, summery feel to this video. It reminds me of my own school summer holiday memories, and how much time my siblings and I used to spend playing outside as children. We’d be out in the garden, or playing out in the front of our cul-de-sac for hours on end, every day.

There are a few more technological temptations nowadays, so I really want to make sure that I encourage my children to have a healthy balance between indoor and outdoor time, and to develop a love for playing outside.

I think Arlo would really love some of the games in this video – obstacle courses and agility challenges are very popular with him at the moment.

The video has also given me inspiration for fun garden play on a budget – all the items used are cheap, simple, and classic garden toys. I definitely think we need to invest in a hula hoop!

As Judy says, you don’t need expensive sporting equipment to get tennis-y and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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