It’s so easy to let the continuous circle of sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, work take hold of your life.

And finding the time to spend with your S.O is usually like finding a needle in a haystack. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with sitting in front of the TV on an evening and seeing who falls asleep first. But wouldn’t we all like to go out and do things instead? If a family member offers to have the little ones for a few days then great! That’s 2019 weekend breaks sorted! But what about the everyday? And those weekends when you actually get to see each other without the cloud of exhaustion?

Well, don’t worry. Here you’ll find some helpful, fun ways you can spend some quality time together.

Play a video game together

I can’t stress how much fun this actually is. Sure, you’re still sitting in front of the TV, but the interaction between you, whether you’re working together or put against each other will have you both laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. A horror survival game, racing, or something that will have you both scratching your heads – see what it is that has the kids so intrigued. Make some snacks, turn out the lights and have a glass of wine or two while you go after those bad guys. You’ll be making it a regular thing!

Stay in bed and chat

Not always easy if you have little ones that need your attention. But if you plan in advance you can keep the kids busy with activities downstairs (as long as their safe) while you and your partner lay in bed, chat, laugh and get intimate. We’re so busy during the week that we have so little time to just enjoy each other’s company. You could even take turns over who goes and makes the coffee.

Just drive

Things can sometimes just get too much and a change a scenery is all you need. So, jump in the car with your S.O (take the kids with you or leave them with a relative), put on your favourite songs or new album you haven’t listened to yet and just drive. Take the scenic route, take in some breath-taking sights; you’ll get to chat about things, check-in with each other or even just sit in silence and enjoy the touch of your partners hand on your knee.

Put away your phones

It’s not easy, I know, but putting down your smart phones and just unplugging from tech for a little while will help you reconnect with each other instead. Chat while you’re cooking, or doing the washing up, tell each other about something interesting that happened today and take the opportunity to recharge and be in the moment with each other instead.

Give some love

One of you might have had a really rough week. So spread a bit of love. A backrub, some flowers, an extra bottle of wine, or just someone who’ll listen.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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