If you’ve been wearing glasses for some time, you will probably already know how tricky it can be to pick a pair that you love.

Even with a mirror and plenty of pairs to try, most people struggle to choose options that suit their face shape and make them feel confident, and it’s never until you leave the shop that you see what your glasses really look like. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the key steps that should go into your choice of glasses. Not only should this make the process easier for you, but it should also help you to find a pair of glasses that look great on you.


Search For Inspiration


Looking for things that inspire you glasses decision can be a go way to get started with this. Websites like Instagram and Pinterest are packed to the brim with photos of people wearing glasses, making it nice and easy for you to figure out which styles are the most popular when you start your search. A lot of the people you find posting on sites like this will have loads of photos of themselves online, giving you access to a trove of inspiration.


This sort of process will only work properly if you’re looking for the right people to draw inspiration from. For example, you should look for social media users with similar face shapes to your own, as this will enable you to start building an understanding of what will look best on your own face. Alongside this, you can start to think about the styles you like the most, along with that you think will look best with the clothing and accessories you already wear.


Try Some Glasses


Putting on a pair of glasses will always be the best way to see if they look good on you. Of course, though, there can be a lot of pressure when you’re going this in your optician’s office, and it can be worth looking for ways to try your glasses at home. A lot of online glasses retailers will happily ship a range of their frames for you to try, giving you the chance to try some on before sending the whole lot back. Having someone else to look at the glasses with you can make it easier to tell which look best.


Alongside making sure that your glasses look good, this will also give you an opportunity to ensure that they are comfortable, too. It can be hard to force yourself to wear your glasses if they make you feel pain or discomfort, making it well worth looking for ways to try them on before you buy them. While it may feel a little silly, wearing a frame for a couple of hours will give you a good indication of whether or not they will be comfortable.


Match Your Style


Even once you’ve found a range of glasses that will both look and feel good it can be tricky to make the ultimate decision. Glasses styles vary wildly from pair to pair, making it well worth looking for ways to decide which style you’d like to take on. Matching this with the garments and accessories you already wear can be a great way to handle this. You can go back to Instagram to help you out with this, but most people will find it easy to pinpoint the specs that best match their style.


For example, if you like to wear vintage clothing, you could consider the idea of buying a pair of vintage-style glasses. There are loads of options like this on the market, and many of them have been designed to be used like this. You can find glasses to match just about any style, making it much easier than you might expect to handle this side of your life. Of course, though, you still have to make sure that your stylish specs meet all of the other requirements in this post.


Additional Factors


Alongside the work you’ve already done to choose tour glasses, there is a range of other features you can look for that will make your specs more desirable. It can be all too easy to ignore these areas, though it will be well worth trying to factor them in as much as possible, especially if they are things you care about.


  • Brands: There are loads of designer brands out there, and many of them have moved into the world of glasses at one point or another. Looking for a new brand to try can be a good place to start when you’re approaching this, though some people will prefer to stick with brands that they already know and love. Either way, this can make your glasses stand out all the more.


  • Transitions: Eye doctors understand the problems that the sun can cause for your eyes, and this is why Transitions lenses are so popular. Changing their hue to protect your eyes from the sun, glasses like this are ideal for those who like to spend time out and about. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that you need to have glasses like this if you don’t want to.


  • Returns Policies: Some glasses companies offer very generous returns policies on their glasses. Without even having to pay restocking fees, they make it very easy for you to try a huge range of glasses before you pick which ones you’d like to wear. This is great for anyone who is struggling to pick the glasses that will be best for their face.


Glasses can be a tricky thing to pick, with a lot of people struggling to make the right choices down the line. Of course, though, with the right research and patience, you should be able to find a pair that not only looks good but also makes you feel good in the process.

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