Living rooms are always exciting to decorate as you can put so many great things in them.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with massive lounges that feel very spacious. Or, even if you have one, it’s rather easy to make a living room feel cramped and small. While you can put so many cool items in a living room, many of them are large and bulky. So, you end up with less space than you thought, making you feel squished in this living space. 


Don’t worry, you can put a stop to this if you try. All you need is some space-saving furniture that provides you with the practical elements required from living room furniture but doesn’t occupy too much space. Let’s look at a few ideas that will transform your lounge area:

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Corner sofas

The very nature of a corner sofa means you can save so much space in your living room. They’re designed in an L-shape, and you can place them in one of the corners of the room, maximising the floor space you have at your disposal. You can even get corner sofa beds that open up and make a nice little double bed for someone to sleep on. It’s always good to have furniture with dual purposes like this, it makes it more valuable!


The benefit of a corner sofa is that you get so much seating space in such a compact piece of furniture. It negates the need for a sofa and two armchairs, and the way you can place it makes it so much more space-saving than traditional single sofas. 


Corner-mounted shelves

Okay, all of the items in this post are not corner related, promise! It’s just that talking about corner sofas naturally leads to the idea of corner-mounted shelves. Here, you can have shelving that’s mounted in the corner of your living room, taking up minimal wall space. It means you have space on the walls to maybe hang some pictures or place another piece of furniture. 


At the same time, you have the benefits that shelving brings to a room. Now, you can store items on the shelves, removing them from other areas of the room. For example, this could be where you stack books and old DVDs, rather than using a large bookcase. Instantly, you can see how much space this would save in a living area! You can find some very creative designs as well, which add some extra spice to your living arrangements. 


Nesting tables

Nesting tables are such a genius invention that we should all be grateful for. If you don’t know what they are, or haven’t heard the term before, it’s those tables that fit under one another. You have a large one, a slightly smaller one, and then a smaller one still. They all nest under one another, taking up as much space as one table. 


However, you can take out the smaller ones and use them when necessary. For example, if you are lying on the sofa watching a film, you can use one of the smaller nesting tables as a coffee table next to you for your drink and popcorn. Then, when you don’t need to use it, you can slide it back under the main table. It’s the blend of functionality and space-savingness that we love so much from furniture, making nesting tables a must-have for your living room. 


Coffee table footrest

Speaking of tables, another innovative piece of furniture is the coffee table footrest. Yes, this sounds unhygienic. No, this isn’t just a normal coffee table that you can put your feet on! Instead, it’s a small footrest with a cushion on top that you can rest your feet on when you want to relax. However, if you want to turn it into a coffee table, you can take the cushion off and lift off a wooden top, then place the cushion beneath it. Effectively, you now have a small table, free from any fee!


Now, you can place things on the table and use it however you like. You could even use this as a small seat if you put the cushion back on top. This is exactly what you need in a small living space; a piece of furniture that can do three things in one go, but only take up the space of one object. 


Storage stools

Again, moving from one footrest idea to another, you could buy some storage stools. These stools are fine to sit on or put your feet on, but they also open up to reveal storage inside. From here, you can store loads of the different items around your living room, saving a great deal of space. 


Much like the shelves we mentioned earlier, this item saves space by getting rid of clutter from the living area. It may not seem like it right now, but you will be amazed at how big of a difference getting rid of clutter makes to the appearance of a room. The size hasn’t changed at all, but it feels so much more spacious. 

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TV unit

Finally, you need to get your hands on a space-saving TV unit. There are many variations of this, but the golden rule is that it should do more than just be a place to put your TV. Some units are quite tall and have bookcases around the sides and above the TV, creating an alcove for your TV to be placed in. This is great as you have the storage capabilities once more. 


Also, you have one piece of furniture that doubles up as another piece. There’s no need for storage on your walls as your TV unit provides it, clearing space and opening up your lounge. 


Are you struggling to move around in your living room? Does it feel overly cramped and full of too much stuff? You can change this by opting for space-saving furniture ideas that will transform the way the room looks and feels. Try any of the items above and see the benefits they reap. 

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