snippets from september

September was relatively quiet, with a fair few ‘free weekends’. I love the blank canvas of a free weekend, it’s often when we have our best adventures.

Rory started sleeping right next to me in a side-car cot.

Arlo started preschool.

We had visits from friends.

Winter clothes for Arlo were purchased.

We started planning Arlo’s third birthday.

Rory started finding his brother the most amusing person in the world.

I got a throat infection.

(I haven’t been that poorly for a long, long time, proper ‘can’t stand up’ poorly. I hated that normal service had to completely stop because of me. Sam had to take two days off work and Arlo was massively thrown by his mum not being available to him all the time.

One good thing to come of it was that Sam and Rory’s bond went up a level or two during the couple of days that Sam did everything for him except for bringing him to me for feeds. Those two had a good laugh. It was also interesting to note that Arlo kept to the same level of tanrumming for Sam, the ‘fun one’, as he does for me – so there’s no longer any fear of me taking it personally).


  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, but I totally get those feelings of relief when your toddler is just as difficult for other people was you. We’re just coming out the other end of a phase of being a pain at dinner time and simply refusing to eat. I was actually pretty glad when I picked him up from my mum’s the other night to hear that he’d basically cried at her and refused to eat anything.
    And I agree on quiet weekends. We always have the best times and adventures on our empty weekends too. x

  2. I always love reading these posts every month. I tend to get so distracted by the photos that I forget to comment (sorry).
    I’m sorry you’ve been poorly.
    It’s lovely that Sam and Rory have had that bonding time, I’m also glad Sam has seen Arlos tantrumming. I know how hard it is when they only do it for you xx

  3. I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of blogs but none of them quite expresses, for me, the hardship of juggling motherhood with work as well as being on a tight budget. Taking all morning to write an email! Yes! That is so true. I love your photos too, esp. the one of your two boys lying next to each other on your banner – you can see the love 🙂 Hope things get easier for you soon. Jo

    1. Thanks Jo. I hope I don’t make the difficulties of balancing motherhood with working from home and having a very tight budget sound too doom and gloom – it is definitely stressful, and tends to be what I’m drawn to writing about despite us having lots of good times too.

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