July was fun. And August has been continuing the same way so far. We’ve temporarily paused our hiatus on spending money socialising. Our already lax routines with the children have been relaxed even further (Bedtime? …What’s that?) More often than not, pub trips have followed park trips. Money has been spent on days out, and on good food.

Truthfully, We are being a bit reckless. We definitely do not have the budget for this. But quite honestly, with two small children over a beautifully sunny month, and no little trips away or holidays to break up our day-to-day routine, I think I would have gone a bit crazy otherwise, we needed to allow ourselves this. Quality time with our family, and with our friends. Or as Sam put it the other day when he had a genuine YOLO moment (after several beers, of course), you really do only get one chance at this.

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