A new haircut for Arlo (Sam cuts it in the bath).


And a new hair colour for me (I used a box dye to make my hair a more manageable colour for the early baby days).


The traditional pre-baby haircut


Sharing lunch with his ‘Snails’ (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ve written before about the snails here)


Something for the baby – I couldn’t resist buying one new thing for him or her!


A lunch date with Sam at Gordon Ramsey’s. This was part of the M&S competition we won a while back, and here he is in the suit he chose as part of his man-over. I’ve been telling him to write about his experience (which he loved) for AGES, but he hasn’t done it yet! Suffice to say he came back raving about how every man should speak to the suit experts at M&S because he learnt so much.


The cheese selection at Gordon Ramsey’s. YUM.


Most of my birth plan involves being at home, so I didn’t really have much to write down.


Getting the garden toys out for the first time this year. Arlo has had loads of fun ‘rediscovering’ the garden, it’s his new favourite place.


The armchair that took four trips to IKEA to get. And we only like it because it’s cheap! But it will be much better for breastfeeding, and we now have room to fit the moses basket in the living room amongst Arlo’s train track. I actually ended up loading it onto the trolley and into the car myself at 36 weeks pregnant, as it turns out that 7pm on a Monday evening is IKEA dead zone.


The last of my client orders. Once I posted these I was officially on maternity leave!


Morning snuggles. One of our favourite times.


And sofa snuggles are pretty good too.

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