All kids like to have the latest stuff. They enjoy being ahead of the curve. So, when you tell them it is time to update their bedroom they will usually jump for joy. Usually, they will want to get involved and help you to choose their new stuff and redecorate. There are plenty of ways for you to update your child’s bedroom and get them involved. Here are just a few suggestions.

A new set of bedding

When it comes to kid’s bedding, there is always something new and fresh to buy. This year, vintage bedding is all the rage. It is not for every child, but if you have young children this style of bedding looks really nice. For teenagers, metallic colours are all the rage. As always there is plenty of choice, so you can easily find more styles here.

Revamp the walls

Redecorating the walls is something that even quite small children can help with. For example, if you choose to use stencils you can let your kids create their own designs. Older children can help you to make and use them to apply the pattern to the walls.

If you choose to paint them, you could do the cutting in and let your children use a roller on the lower parts. Painting is great fun. Provided you cover everything and use paint trays, so if there is a spillage there is not too much to clear up, even young children can get involved.

Let your kids create customised decorative items

If your child would like to create a totally unique look for their room they can easily do so. These days, it is really easy to order customised decorative items for the home. Ideas include canvas prints, wall stickers, and soft furnishings. All you have them created for you is to upload an image and choose the item(s) you want your design to be printed onto. From that point, the print firm takes care of everything. You can use a copyright free image or let your child create their own designs using their phone, computer or tablet, and some photo editing software.

Create a rag rug and some unique wall hangings

Another option is to let your child use their craft skills to create rugs and wall hangings for their room. This Pinterest board contains hundreds of ideas that you could use.

Upcycle their bedroom furniture

Rather than buy new bedroom furniture, consider jazzing up what they already have. If you take it outside you can use spray paints to do this. Or, if you prefer simply order some decals. This is a quick and easy way to give anything a new look.

Upgrade their screen

Most children have a screen in their bedroom. They use it to work, play games and sometimes watch movies and shows. So, it is an important element of any child’s room. If you can upgrade it, do so.

Often, you can find bigger screens in the sales or used ones on Craigslist and sometimes Facebook. Of course, if you buy a second hand one there is a slight risk that it will stop working fairly quickly. So, if you have enough space, stow their old one in the garage.

More children’s bedroom decorating ideas

If you are looking for a bit more inspiration, try this post. I wrote it a few months after we moved into this house when we were still working out how to decorate the boy’s bedrooms, so it contains lots of ideas.

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