It’s July.

Which means it’s just three weeks until the summer holidays, when Rory, my preschooler, will have to share my time and my conversation with his older brother.

And then, from September, he will start school.

I’ve been down this road before, so I have some idea of how it will feel. To lose that one on one time we currently share. To have the time I DO see him, always shared with his siblings. No more dedicated time, just me and him.

(I don’t count Otto in our one on one time as he naps and doesn’t talk).

I have an uneasy suspicion that it will be more of a wrench this time. Arlo swanned into school on his first day of reception without a care in the world, totally ready and excited for this new experience. Rory spent just half an hour in his new classroom on ‘welcome to the school’ day, yet his face crumpled into a million emotions all at once as he reached out for me upon my return.

He craves his time with me. His “Mama days”. He doesn’t realise they are about to end.

Every day, on his preschool days, he tells me he misses me. Without fail. He wants to be with me 100% of the time.

Having a child that has such a need to be close to me, both physically and emotionally, is a new experience for me. I’m learning with each child, just how different they are. If he doesn’t settle at school, it will be hard on him, and it will break my heart to know I’m sort of a part of the problem.

And so, we are approaching these final weeks before school with trepidation, but also with the resolve to make the absolute most of it.

I can count my remaining mornings with Rory on one hand now. And since the start of the summer term, we’ve been making them special, in our own ordinary way. Whether playing at home together, or visiting a park, we’ve been making our mornings count.

I have filmed a little homage to our mornings together. I want to remember this phase so much. The year before they start school is such a lovely one, in which I’ve learned so much about my children as their language and interests explode. It’s also one of gently nudging towards a new kind of independence – learning how to get dressed by themselves in preparation for school, learning how to spend time apart from each other every day, learning to become their own person, whilst also savouring the relationship that has brought us even closer this year. The video I have made is a snapshot of all of this (except I decided to leave out the part about learning to wipe your own bum).

This is me and my Rory, in the summer before he started school:

What is Snapshots and Scenes?

Snapshots and Scenes is a new monthly project that I’m taking part in, along with a group of lovely bloggers. The subject matter can be interpreted as broadly and openly as you like, fitting in with what’s been going on that particular month. But the emphasis is on telling a story, through words, images, and video.

I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.

Snapshots and Scenes will run from the first Monday of every month. Take a look at what the other project hosts have been doing this month: Let’s Talk Mommy, Meet The Wildes, Shutterflies, Life As Our Little Family, One Tiny Leap, Le Coin De Mel, Keep Up with the Jones Family,  and link up your own below:


  1. This is a gorgeous video, I love the music and voices entwined. Really beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing how the project flows. And so nice to be following another blog x #snapshotsandscenes

  2. Ahhh this is so beautiful. I love how you edit it too and put it so beautifully together. I am so so excited for this project. I really want to get better at editing and putting our adventures together more creativity. It’s so exciting. This is fab kick off babes! #snapshotsandscenes

  3. Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved your video. It’s so precious, especially the start when he sings. You’ve captured your little morning routine so beautifully!

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