You might spend your days pouring over the gorgeous decor in interior design magazines, but life has a habit of getting in the way.

Whether it be lack of money, time, or energy, many of us just don’t get around to that paint job, new flooring, or furniture store that we’ve spent months talking about. The good news is, you don’t need any of those things to make your home look beautiful. With that in mind, here are six small changes that you can make to upgrade your home decor. 


Clear Away The Clutter

A cluttered room looks unloved and unkempt, not to mention small. Few people would ever describe a space like this as beautiful. This is why it’s so important that you regularly take the time to clear out the clutter that might have built up in your home. Pick one room and go through everything in there, putting the things you don’t want to one side. Then, move on to the next one.

Switch Up The Layout

Changing the layout of a room can make it look and feel completely different. While there are some rooms where you won’t be able to do this, such as the bathroom, in most others, like the living room, home office, and bedrooms, you can rearrange the furniture. You might even want to move furniture into different rooms. This could make your home appear more bright and open. 

Roll Out A Rug

People often think of rugs as a way to enhance their home decor. This makes a lot of sense considering that rugs come in just about every size, shape, colour, design, and material that you can imagine. You just need to make sure that you pick the best rug for your floor type. The placement of your rug is also crucial, as it can help to contain furniture and give it a base. 

Update your wall art

You don’t need to buy a new home or remodel your current one, to see some significant changes within the interior, sometimes little things can make big differences. One of the many options that you may have come across when researching this may be the option of purchasing cheap neon wall signs, which can make a blank wall take on a new aesthetic. The best thing about this is that these signs can be personalized, and made to fit whatever theme you desire, allowing you to decorate your room exactly as you imagined it

Accessorise The Coffee Table 

After taking the time to declutter your home, you don’t want the coffee table in your living room to be covered in paperwork and coffee rings. This is especially true if your table is the focal point of the room. However, that doesn’t mean that your table should be bare. By neatly arranging books, candles, flowers, and other small trinkets, you can really tie the theme of the room together. 


Toss Cushions On It

Although they may seem like an afterthought, throw cushions and pillows are an easy way to try out trends without making a huge commitment. You can experiment with both pattern and colour and needn’t worry that you won’t like them. When spring rolls around, you could put away the Christmas pillows that you’ve had out since December and replace them with floral ones. 

Hang New Wall Art

Bare walls are fine for those with minimal designs tastes but can make a room seem cold and empty. This is why most people have photographs and artwork displayed in their home. If you’re looking to make a change, then why not replace a few of your pieces with some brand new ones. Not only will it upgrade your home, but it gives you something new to talk about with guests. 

You don’t need to make huge changes to beautify your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your decor, then consider the tips above. 

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