I promised I’d  be back soon with a more upbeat post.

It’s hardly a secret that I am obsessed with Arlo sleeping. I’ve got a whole category dedicated to the subject. But I have a confession. I love watching him sleep. It’s one of my absolute  favourite things to do, I could sit there all day and watch him. Not that he would sleep all day, of course.

Arlo is so active and on the go (this is the nicest way I could think to put it, most of the time he’s verging on completely hyper), that even in his sleep he tosses and turns the whole time. Yet this is still the calmest mode I get to view him in. I love watching his little chest rise up and down, hearing the soft snores and the occasional fleeting sleep smile, knowing that he feels safe, relaxed and peaceful. Even if it doesn’t last very long.

Most of these photos were taking with my phone in a darkened room (don’t often find myself with a decent camera to hand when trying to get Arlo to sleep), so the quality is not great, but you get the idea:

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