I do a lot of moaning about lack of sleep, but it’s not always bad, so here’s a post to balance it out a little.

For the past four nights, Arlo has been a star at night-time. No wriggling, pinching or biting at bedtime. He lies still and has a peaceful feed before drifting off. Fifteen minutes tops to get him to sleep.

He then sleeps fitfully all evening, giving Sam and I an uninterrupted evening of our own.

One calm and sleepy feed somewhere between 2-3am, and he sleeps until seven in the morning.


He’s also been having two hour naps in the afternoon.

This is Arlo at his best and I live for these phases.

These phases remind me why I continue to feed and cuddle Arlo to sleep.

The best, best bit is that Arlo wakes up happy and chatting to himself. And he doesn’t get fussy during the day. I love seeing him enjoy life to the full.

I don’t mean to be all ‘woe is me, my baby is such an awful sleeper, it’s not fair’, etc, I know that it’s an effect of the way Arlo and I have chosen to play our night-times. But I need to have a moan when it gets bad. And I love that you can always find someone on Twitter who can emphathise.

Recently, I have had to defend our night time method to Sam. If I was on board, he wanted to give controlled crying another go. He prefers our current way of doing things too, but the sleepless nights were really taking a toll and when it gets like that, sleep training starts to seem more than appealing. So, we are all breathing a massive sigh of relief that Arlo has given us a few peaceful nights.

I know my son, and I know that he is not ready to do bed time alone. He struggles to get through most days without clinging on to me for a whole afternoon, why would I think he would be fine during the night? He needs me, I know this now. It seems so stupid to think I thought he should be ready to fall asleep and stay asleep on his own at five months old, or even nine months old.

My one thing about our situation is that I wish Arlo would be happy to co-sleep. I think this would help me a lot during his wakeful phases. But I will continue to do things his way, and make sure I appreciate the good phases.

Saying all of this, I am so, so, so ready for him to decide he’s ready to sleep through the whole night on a regular basis. Any time, Arlo.

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