six month old baby

Somewhere in amongst getting back to work, panicking about having no time, and dealing with a particularly demanding preschooler phase, this joyful, smiley lump turned six months.

It doesn’t really feel like he’s been with us that long at all, and yet here he is, all six months of him.



I know I’m not blogging with the frequency that I was before Rory arrived. I spend too much time working at the computer as it is, and somewhere at the back of my mind is this worried little voice that just wants to make sure that I am taking enough time to appreciate this stage where Rory is changing every day. I don’t want the experience of re-living moments through a computer screen to take over from actually living it at the time. .

dot and co fox babygrow


Rory’s babygrow was sent to us from Dot & Co, and I love it. 100% organic cotton, so it’s super soft, and Foxy and Friends is just the most cheerful unisex design – which is what we are all about in this house. The Foxy and Friends pattern is also available as a blanket, bib and hat. Check out Dot & Co for lots more organic loveliness.



  1. It’s a cute babygro but a gorgeous little boy inside – just look at those eyes. Your pictures are beautiful, you can’t look at them and not smile!

  2. Forget about the adorable babygrow….ok it is adorable but so is your little wee one. He is so gorgeous. These pictures are amazing. I am so scared to of letting my digital life make me miss the real life stages. My daughter just turned 6 months and everyday is changing. It would be shame to relive through my post. I am trying to find balance for family time, personal time, education time, husband time etc. There needs to be more hours in the day.

    1. Finding that balance is so tricky, isn’t it? There really do need to be more hours in the day…. more hours when the little ones are asleep ; )

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