We’ve had about a decade or so of neutral homes that the interior design world has made a sudden shift away from it.

Now, vibrant homes are the order of the day. People want to ditch the baby and the bathwater, as even the materials that we’ve gotten used to over the years, will be thrown out. This leaves one particular style alone in the weeds. The silver decor and interior design style have been on the back burner for many years. It was probably the earliest in the modern era styles as it was the style that gave birth to the neutral home itself. Heavily influenced by Scandanavian homes, the silver spring style has always remained a favourite for millions of homeowners, and here’s why.

A grandiose bedroom

Silver goes well with homes that have a grand and opulent look about them. Silver is a brilliant shade that merges well with just about any wood. The bedroom in particular is where silver feels right at home. Unlike many other colours, silver rides the fence with such grace. It’s clean, inviting and a bedroom feels comfortable wrapped up in it. Consider a silver cushioned chair in your bedroom, that is made out of American walnut. The dark orange of the varnish and natural colour of the wood looks very classy with silver seats. 

Something as simple as stainless steel mirror frames and side table lamps would go so well with a silver bedroom. Silver bed sheets are nice with a pure white pillow. The contrast is subtle yet it doesn’t aggressively split the room as other shades like gold would.

The silver surface

Of all the things in the home that are most challenged by our colour palette choice, the floor is the most prominent. Get this wrong and your whole home will look off. It’s very often something that unfortunately, does go wrong which is why so many people avoid experimenting and go for the usual, common brown floor. However, on https://www.floorsdirectltd.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html is where you can find marvellous herringbone robust grey laminate flooring. As would expect, this is more economical than a real white oak hardwood floor. You still get a great pattern and a genuine design that makes the floor look as natural as possible.

Scandanavian forest room

If you visit some of the most prestigious lodges and mountain villas in the Nordic countries, you’ll find that silver living rooms are actually quite common. Silver sofas are made out of wool or cotton instead of leather, which allows them to soften the room. A glass stainless steel frame coffee table would make the best of the light in the room. It’s not just decor and furniture that you can add. Books with white or silver covers would be a seamless addition to the room, subtly bolstering the theme. 

The Silver spring interior style is very rare but completely stunning if you get it right. The Scandanavian method is to incorporate a silver floor and allow the silver infection to spread upward and around the home. 

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