I was taking some ‘first ever trip to the beach’ portraits of Rory, whilst Arlo was playing around next to us with a discarded, broken spade that he had found.

And so it was that I captured Arlo’s split second decision to whip around and donk his unsuspecting brother over the head in the way that siblings do – where they are hurting each other one minute, loving each other the next. Exploring the boundaries of a complex emotional relationship, I guess.


But just LOOK at his face! Look how gleeful he is to be bullying his brother, to have realised that it might be more fun to inflict pain on Rory than to do something constructive with the stick.

Perhaps I should be panicking that I have spawned a sadistic child, but for whatever reason, mainly this photo just makes me smile.

Oh… Yeah. I did stop him before he actually hit him. Should probably mention that. 


This month I’m sending you to see the lovely Lauren over at The Real Housewife of Suffolk County. She’ll be sharing a photo of her children from this month, and sending you along to visit someone else. You can follow the circle around to see what all the hosts have been up to.

Have you taken a sibling photo this month? Link it up below!


  1. I love this!! Cherry also shows signs of absolute delight when she thinks she is going to do something that will annoy Tiger, he’s started getting his own back though and just goes up to her and yanks her hair whilst hysterically laughing! Guess that’s siblings for you! x

  2. Love this! The other day, I said to CK, ‘can you get him’, meaning can you grab your brother. He thought I said, ‘can you hit him’, so punched him in the arm. It was one of the confused, mad moments that had me in hysterics (the little one was in no way hurt).

  3. You are so right his face says it all! Hilarious and I love the photo so cute. Love watching siblings bond together and this project is amazing for that. I love it. Great post and your little ones are so cute. #sibling

  4. Oh he has such a mischievous glint in his eye doesn’t he! It’s very much a “I wonder what would happen if I …” kind of look!

  5. Huggable also does that funny i know i shouldnt be doing this but really its funny face when she does something she shouldnt to lady G too half the time i have to bite my lip but its all part of the fun of having kids!

  6. Oh dear, there is definitely a mischievous glint in the eye there!! I don’t think my two had a stage like this (maybe it’s still to come?!) but my mother loves to tell of how I tried to run over my baby sister with a pushalong car and I’m definitely normal now 😉

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