It’s been a fair few months since Rory became mobile. Yet looking back over my Siblings project posts, I realised that I haven’t yet featured a photo that depicts this change in their interaction now that both boys are on the move.

It hasn’t been the easiest task to get a ‘good’ photo of the riotous chase game they play together during that hyper hour in between dinner and bed. Nor has it proved straightforward to get a shot of the ‘throw all the cushions off the sofa and roll around on them on the floor’ game that has a habit of occurring mid-afternoon. And I keep forgetting to have my SLR at the ready first thing in the morning when they play their ‘jump around on the bed’ game.

In the last month or two, there has been an even more recent development. Rory is now standing, quite confidently, on his own – which has had the pretty momentous effect of putting Rory and Arlo on an even playing field.


The change in their play has not gone unnoticed. It’s the beginnings of real games, where they both play an active part and they both take something from it. Rory engages Arlo, and Arlo engages Rory.

A younger brother embracing his independence and his closeness to his older counterpart, and a big brother delighted in introducing Rory to his friends as he stands alongside them, on equal footing.

I see the beginnings of the age-gap shrinking away as they get older. I see brothers, standing together.


This month I’m sending you to see Katie and family over at Mummy Daddy Me. She’ll be sharing a photo of her children from this month, and sending you along to visit someone else. You can follow the circle around to see what all the hosts have been up to.

Have you taken a sibling photo this month? Link it up below!


  1. Oh that’s such a lovely photo – it is amazing how much the age gap shrinks once the littler ones are just that bit sturdier and a bit more able to hold their own; we’ve watched it with our two over the last few months and it’s been quite amazing to see the difference (and then the fallings out because they both want the same toy, and now they can both reach it!!)

  2. Awww, such a beautiful moment captured there Chloe, I love it! And don’t we all love that late afternoon chase game? How is it that all children play that exact game at that exact time?
    I would definitely agree that the age gap gets smaller as the littler one gets more mobile. I’m regularly asked now if mine are twins and I can see why (although obviously to me I see massive differences in their development). x

  3. What a lovely moment you have captured. So beautiful. Their age gap will get smaller and smaller as they get older. It’ such a beauty to watch them grow throw photos. Loving your #siblings

  4. That is a gorgeous picture. I can totally relate since my twins ( 18m) are mobile now too. Their big brother is super proud and lets them chase him all over the house.

  5. So nice to see their relationship changing dynamic and becoming equals. It’s so nice to see siblings playing together. Although not a sibling, nut we recently got a dog and Luke is besotted with him as is the dog with Luke, very cute to watch him interact. The dog will have to do until we’ve recovered from the 10month spree of no sleep enough to have another 😉

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