Shortly after I took my previous Siblings photos, Rory started sitting up independently. This has added a whole new dynamic to Arlo and Rory’s interaction. Rory is very happy to be more a part of things, and Arlo is delighted to have his brother more involved in his play.


It also means I can ditch the car seat in the trolley or those ridiculously uncomfy plastic lie-down seats and do this:

web ready 20139

Rory sitting up also makes the task of getting a photo of the two of them together a whole lot easier. When Arlo requests, “Take a picture of us, mama!”, I could not be happier to oblige.



As usual, the group of bloggers hosting Siblings have joined our posts into a circle, and this month I am sending you to Carie’s blog, Space for the Butterflies. I met Carie in the queue going into last year’s Britmums conference, and since then I have been eagerly devouring every blog post she writes, as she has such a talent for storytelling. Space for the Butterflies is probably the best example I can find of a blog serving as a rich legacy of memories – Carie, I think your girls will take great pleasure in reading all about their childhood when they are older.

Taken a photo of your children this month that you just can’t resist sharing? Join in with the #siblingsproject linky below:


  1. Oh I love them all! They are such adorable little boys. I remember how every milestone in Harry’s development moved their relationship up to a different level. It’s wonderful to watch. Well done Rory xx

    1. Yes, definitely starting to see how each developmental milestone isn’t just a physical leap this time round, but also a gamechanger in terms of relationship with his older brother.

  2. You’ve truly spoiled us with siblin photos this month Chloe! It’s a total revelation when the younger one sits up, isn’t it? A whole new world opens up for everyone. I absolutely ADORE the trolley photos, I remember it being such an exciting milestone when my two first sat in the trolley together, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. x

  3. Oh they’re just such gorgeous photos; I love the ones in the trolley, you can really see Arlo’s affection for his little brother, or not so little brother as the case may be – Rory suddenly looks so much older sitting up!

    And thank you for the lovely comments about my blog – it’s my dearest hope that one day the girls will look back on it fondly!

  4. What lovely shots, the last, wow, the cute gaze, I agree sitting makes photos so much easier, I love the fact we are in sitting trolleys now, now only if I didn’t have 3 a trolley shot would be perfect xx

  5. These photos are so precious and lovely. What a great trip to the grocery store. I love the double seaters, as my two are finally big enough to both go in them, I can’t wait to capture moments like these. You can see their love for each other!!!

  6. Your boys are incredibly gorgeous Chloe, I love the trolley photos. I keep meaning to take my camera to the supermarket as I love the idea of a photo there. You are right, it does change the dynamic when they sit up. I am hoping that it will also change the dynamic when LL gets round to walking- it will be amazing to see them running about together! x

  7. Those photos are fab! I love the supermarket trolley shots – never thought to try this but I’m definitely going to. Completely agree about Carie’s blog – her writing is out of this world and she can take the simplest of situations and make me really, really want to know about them.

  8. Gorgeous pics!
    I can remember my two sitting next to each other in the trolley – but it wasn’t quite as idyllic as your photos, there was always lots of wriggling and moans of ‘She touched me!” from my eldest! x

  9. Awww your boys are absolutely gorgeous Chloe and i know exactly what you mean about the world of possibilities that’s opened up once the youngest becomes more mobile and interactive. You can just see the love and adoration between them in these photos. Beautiful! xxx

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