This is the photo I was going to pick for April’s Siblings project.

Rory dotes on his older brother. When he laughs, Rory laughs. And when he cries, Rory will no doubt follow suit. At first, his forehead furrows and his expression turns from smiley to a quizzical  as he studies his brother’s sobbing face. Then, the panic sets in in his eyes, and his bottom lip starts a slow and steady tremble that signals the crescendo of wailing – a sympathy cry for his brother.  If you happen to be passing us as this occurs, you might wonder why Sam and I are grinning like loons at our two red and sobbing children. But it’s incredibly endearing.

That is the photo I wanted to pick. Because it tells the most about Arlo and Rory’s relationship. But  I also couldn’t resist sneaking in a few more …we’ve been busy behind the camera this past month.







Now, I’m not sure that she needs any introduction, but just in case anyone is living under a blogging rock, it is now my pleasure to direct you on to the awesome Mammasaurus, and her blog full of pretty things.




  1. Oh my goodness, I love ALL these photos so much. What a great little team they are becoming. I think the garden picnic and the daffodil ones are my favourites though. And I love that Rory cries in sympathy. If our big guy cries, his little sister looks at him like he’s barmy and takes it as an opportunity to grab his toys while he’s distracted. x

  2. I love both photos you picked as the main ones for different reasons. That first photo is so so sweet! His concern for his big brother! I love them all x

  3. Aren’t brothers funny? If my eldest cries, the little one throws himself on the floor and sobs. It’s the most bizarre thing to watch. Love your photos – I wish I had a tenth of your skills to get a decent picture of my two.

  4. Oh wow I love your photos, especially the daffodil and the garden one. My little one follows her big brother too, if he cries and becomes scared of anything she will react in the same way.

  5. Oh they’re all gorgeous photos – but I can see why you wanted to pick the first one; it’s just so very full of their personalities and the relationship between the two of them – and it made me giggle (sorry Arlo!)

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