One of the most challenging parts of deciding to move home is listing your existing property on the market, and then having to cross your fingers and hope for a sale.

Thankfully, the tips below can help to increase your chances of receiving an offer.

#1 – Consider the timing

If at all possible, aim to be listing your home for sale between May and July. Many families tend to consider moving at this point so that their children will have the chance to settle in to a new area before starting the next school year, so the chances of finding a buyer are far higher during these months.

#2 – Avoid competing with neighbours

If you notice that a number of your neighbours are attempting to sell their home at the same time you were intending to do so, it may be worth delaying. Many buyers will be more concerned with moving into an area than a specific property, so selling at the same time as multiple other houses on your street will greatly increase your potential competition.

#3 – Find the right price

Setting the right price for your property is crucial when it comes to securing a sale, so look for at least three valuations and look to set your asking price around the average of these quotes. If you find that the average price is a little lower than you were hoping for, it may be worth considering a few upgrades to your home – such as those detailed on the infographic below – that can add value to your home and make it more attractive for prospective buyers.

Infographic Design By: Double Glazing Funding

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