During Arlo’s first and second years, I wrote an update every month, and since he turned two I’ve been aiming to write his updates quarterly. I doubt that I will be so diligent with Rory’s updates, partly due to lack of time, but mostly because I don’t want to be constrained by calendar months –  it feels more natural to write when the mood strikes and when I have specific things I want to note down.


Rory, you are pretty much a superstar baby. You fall asleep by yourself, at night you take just ten minutes to feed and then settle yourself, you sleep a 6-7 hour stretch, you are not a sicky baby (I can count the number of times he’s been sick on one hand – although when he does do it, he really goes for it), and you are a very contented little boy during the day too. It’s been an eye opener to have a baby like you, and a complete joy.

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Arlo could not be happier to have a little brother. He loves talking to you and getting you to look at him. He can’t wait for you to be able to play with him. You seem pretty intrigued by him too, and have started to give him little smiles.


I’m still not completely over the surprise of how big you are. You often seem older than your actual age. You have fair eyebrows and lighter hair than your brother did. You don’t appear to have your father’s signature eyebrows, which I thought would be a given with any of our offspring. You have this little swirl of hair at the front of your head, perhaps you will have curly hair. Sometimes I wonder where this big, fair-haired, bald baby came from – I suppose I was expecting a clone of thick, dark-haired Arlo, but you couldn’t look any different.


At 3 weeks, I reluctantly packed away your ‘first size’ babygros, and it doesn’t look like it will be long before you are too big for 0-3 month size. Those first clothes are so special as they are worn for such a short amount of time – in your case it was even shorter than I’d anticipated.

It continues to surprise us when you fall asleep quietly, by yourself. Your complaints at this stage are very simple – you cry when you need to burp, but otherwise you are quite happy. You don’t need constant movement, or hours of walking around the house in the evenings. Your dad is able to get nice, relaxed cuddles with you too.

It’s been a great six weeks.





  1. This is so beautiful, and the pictures are gorgeous!

    I want the next 12 weeks to hurry up so I can get my newborn 😉

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