I could have waited forever for this day to come.

Over summer, I could ignore it pretty easily. It seemed like such a distant thing, so far removed from our life and our routine whilst we were on holiday.
I knew I wasn’t looking forward to Rory starting school. But even I surprised myself with my stubborn flat out refusal to bow down to acceptance the evening before his first day. In that moment, if I could have taken an extra week, month…year, I would have in an instant.

He is a young school starter, having just turned four a few months ago. But that’s not the reason for my hesitation.

When Arlo started, he just swanned off into the classroom and it was all just so easy. I really think he was born ready for school. Rory is very different. He likes to me close to me at all times, he misses me when I am gone for five minutes, and he has been very vocal about his worries and reservations about school.

It breaks my heart to think of me not being able to be there for him for such a large part of the day. To think of him quiet and unsure in such a busy environment. He is still very much my baby, and I know I am guilty perhaps of treating him so.

But it is time to start letting him go, just a little bit at a time.
So, on his first day of school, I put on a smile and made it all about him and his special day.

Starting school is such a big moment, I wanted to record a bit of it. I made a video which I think really captures how I was feeling the morning he started school:


Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly project focusing on telling a story through words, images, and video. It can be a summary of the month just past, a celebration of a special occasion or milestone, or highlighting the little moments.
I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.


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  1. OH my youngest had her first day this week too. It’s so hard that big milestone accepting someone else caring for them most of the time now. My house is empty and quiet. Feels weird. I had all these thoughts I could get so much more done but it seems I don’t somehow know where to start where when I had no time I knew I couldn’t dottle around. Lovely video and photo this month darling. #snapshotsandscenes

  2. Oh sweetheart, it’s such a hard time for us parents..especially when they’re so young. Mine’s now in year 2 and I still struggle a little <3 You've put together a lovely video, I bet he'll love watching it when he's a bit older xx #snapshotsandscenes

  3. I love the idea of you capturing the video so you can look back and remember how you felt. Your photo is so cute! Hope Rory’s first day was a success! Popping over to link up with #snapshotsandscenes

  4. Aww what a gorgeous way to remember his first day. It’s such an emotional time. George is in Year 2 now but like Rory his birthday is the end of June, he was a very young four when he started and it did take until the April for him to truly want to learn but he enjoyed it so much X

  5. Awww it’s such an emotional time. I am dreading my daughter starting next year and all these videos and posts about everyones first days this year is making me so nervous for next. He looks so smart in his uniform and I’m very jealous of his cookie. I’m glad he had such a nice time! 😀

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