I used to do these updates fairly regularly for Arlo, and I have failed miserably to do the same with Rory. I’ve been keeping a few notes that I wanted to record, and now that Rory is approaching two (3 weeks!!), I thought it was about time for a little update.

There is always so much to say. I often find myself remembering little things later down the line and coming back to add them into these posts. I will start by saying that my boys’ differing personalities compliment each other well, and Sam and I really appreciate experiencing their differing characteristics and interests. No one else in the world will ever be able to make me laugh as much as Arlo with his sharp questions and his way of seeing the world. My heart swells watching Rory appreciate pure joy in the simplest of ways.


When Rory is in a good mood (which is most of the time), he’s up for anything. He wakes up smiling, he embraces fun wholeheartedly, he sings, he dances, and he wants to be where the fun is AT.

Rory has been singing before he could talk. Whenever he has an opportunity to join in with a song, he will. It is unbelieveably cute and possibly one of my favourite things about Rory at this age. He also enjoys a good dance whenever he can.


For whatever reason, Rory has a huge love of things that fly or fall out of the sky. He squeals with joy at The Shapes’ entrance in Mr Maker.

Rory and Arlo continue to have a lovely bond.  I love watching them play together, enjoying each other’s company. I know I am lucky to have two boys who care so much about each other at this age. Rory misses his big brother terribly when he’s at preschool. He cries when we leave, not because he wants to stay, but because he’s sad about leaving Arlo. Arlo is an incredibly caring big brother, one of his favourite things in the world is getting a cuddle from Rory. There has never been one hint of jealousy from Arlo towards Rory, I don’t think the emotion has even occured to him as a possibility, and I’m so proud of the way Arlo has, and continues to, welcome Rory into his life with only pure love and affection.



Rory loves animals. His favourite animal is a pigeon (mainly for chasing purposes). He also LOVES Grandma’s dog Oscar. It delights me to see that he is a dog lover. He cuddles up to him and follows him around the house. His affection for Oscar and the joy he brings him makes us excited for a time in the future when we can have our own dog – Sam and I have always been huge dog fans, so it’s just a matter of time (when we have a house with a bit more space and the children are school-age – IT’S ON).


Rory’s penchant for full throttle tantrums far exceeds anything Arlo could manage at the same age. He’s firmly reached that awkward stage of fierce stubborness combined with a lack of awareness and a lack of language skills to understand WHY it’s not OK to do certain things. No, you CAN’T walk through the car park without holding my hand. Yes, you DO have to use the stairs to get to the slide. Taking your jumper off is NOT the end of the world. No, you CAN’T get off the plane at 30,000 feet in the air.

Rory still doesn’t sleep very well at all, waking three times per night on a good night, and only settling next to me. But at this point, that’s more of a result of circumstances than anything else. We can’t help Rory transition from co-sleeping to his own bed without tears (he really isn’t happy unless he’s lying next to me), and in a two bed house, our options are: have him cry in our room, or have him cry in the room he shares with Arlo. Either way we play it, at least three people are losing out on sleep whilst this happens. Which is why we never attempt it for long. The next kid is getting a crying room.

In recent weeks, Rory has started falling asleep IN the cot, which has taken us almost two years to achieve. He won’t let me leave the room, but he’s happy for me or Sam to hold his hand through the bars whilst he falls asleep. This point with Arlo, getting him to fall asleep happily on his own in cot, was the point he started sleeping through the night and being able to resettle himself at night. This happened slowly somewhere between 19 – 24 months. I thought it was ‘the key’. But with Rory, he’s falling asleep in the cot but still waking up and being VERY angry and upset if he doesn’t get to see me / sleep next to me. He likes sleeping next to someone and its clear that his journey to sleeping in a bed on his own for the whole night will be different to Arlo’s.


Whereas Arlo has always been a very competent and early linguist, Rory wasn’t in much of a hurry to talk. Up until a few months ago, he had only about six words (but lots of attitude to ensure we always knew what he wanted, regardless). Then somewhere around 21 months he had that massive language explosion that I remember Arlo having at 15/16 months. Overnight, Rory was having a go at pronouncing anything and everything, meaning his vocabulary instantly expanded. He was stringing 3 word sentences together, and was all of a sudden a fully blown talking toddler. I’ve found this sudden developmental leap fascinating with both my children – it really makes them go from baby to child overnight.

I love his mispronunciations. He can’t yet say C sounds, so a cuddle is a ‘Duddle’, a kiss is a ‘Miss’. He calls himself Ree Ree, and he has a whole host of ridiculous nicknames, the majority come courtesy of his older brother.

It’s lovely going through this toddler stage again. The first time round, I don’t think I really understood how fleeting it is. I often find myself stopping to gush over something cute that Rory just did. And, to me, his tiny little voice is one of the sweetest things.

Rory, you are a little ray of sunshine.


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  1. He is just so cute! He and T are at the exact same stage and they are just so much fun – but I agree the tantrums can be fierce and T never wants to hold my hands, wants to march off and be independent! x

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