three month old baby

You are just the happiest, most laid back baby. The number one thing everyone comments on is how chilled out you are.

Your default expression is amusingly serious. But you break out into the biggest, loveliest grin as someone smiles at you.

You are so placid. You will happily lie for an hour, cooing and giggling away at inanimate objects.

In the midst of the most hectic part of the day, I’ll suddenly realise I should check on you, and it’s like “Oh look, there’s Rory laughing at the lampshade again”.

I know we shouldn’t laugh when you are scared, but you do this hugely comical bottom lip tremble when something makes you jump.


three month old baby

Rory is not much of a daytime sleeper, preferring to get by on 20 minute cat naps throughout the day. So, not only do a I have a non-napping toddler, but I also now have a baby who is rarely asleep during the day. There is no break at all, there is no quiet part of the day.

I started putting Rory upstairs to bed at 12 weeks. It was also then that he started falling into a natural bedtime pattern at 7.30 or 8pm. And a lot of the time he would sleep right through until 6am. It would probably be even later if 6am wasn’t the usual time that the toddler alarm clock comes crashing into our bedroom. There has been one 7.30-7.30 sleep, which I’m still pinching myself over, as it took Arlo SO long to get anywhere near there. (Since I wrote this, he’s started waking 2 or 3 times a night. It will be amazing if it balances out again after the infamous 4 month sleep regression. But I doubt that it will – now that we are properly co-sleeping all night with a side-car cot, I sleepily lean over and feed him as soon as he stirs, and I imagine that this will be our default sleep routine for a while).

Even though he will fall asleep on his own, I have been feeding Rory to sleep, just as I did with Arlo, because it’s a nice time for him. It’s the only time of day that we are alone, and he can have a relaxed peaceful cuddle with his mama, without being constantly bombarded by Arlo. It’s also the only time that I really focus all my attention on Rory. So, I’m not willing to give up the feeding to sleep, even though I’m well aware that he could become entirely reliant on it – but hey, been there, done that before, and it’s really not a big deal in the grand scheme of parenting, those days with Arlo were stressful at the time but feel so long in the past now.

I am a big fan of this baby-age. It feels like you get the best of both worlds, snuggly newborn-esque cuddles when he is asleep, and loads of interaction and personality when he is awake.



  1. What a wonderfully chilled out little boy, he looks so sunny and you pictures are truly lovely. I still feed Elma to sleep and did the same for Kitty until she weaned herself so I don’t think it’s as fundamental a flaw as it can be made out to be, and I love those quiet moments with a drowsy heavy baby – they’ll be gone all too soon!

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