Is servicing your car all that important?

Is it not possible that service stations and mechanics have artificially inflated the necessity for these regular check-ups, top-ups and measurement-taking, in order to make a regular income from road users? This is a common misconception: let us take a closer look at the problem.

There is a tendency to dismiss services as ‘just’ checking fluid levels (brake fluid, oil, water and hydraulic fluid, if relevant) and giving the car a quick once over. This sort of ‘service’ certainly can be done at home, and most of these things should be done at least fortnightly if you use your car often, before every trip if you are an infrequent driver. You should check your oil and water, at the very least: brake and hydraulic systems are sometimes sealed systems and a layman should stay far away from interfering with these. Visually checking your car is something that you should do at least weekly, if not more often. You can also consult nearby car servicing station, but I would recommend you this garage who is offering car servicing in London, to get more information head to Iverson Tyres. Physical damage can be a sign that something is wrong inside, whether it is an oil leak, uneven wear or damage to the tyres or a dent indicating that something has struck the vehicle, potentially causing harm inside.

But a service is much more than simply having a look at the outside of your vehicle and checking your fluid levels. Often services begin with the above, but then move into a list of actions that include:

Changing the oil – this can include draining the old oil and examining it to look for signs of internal wear and tear, debris in the old oil, as well as filling up the car with fresh new oil and running the engine to be sure that the new oil has reached all the parts that need lubricating. This will ensure that any issues are picked up quickly and resolved before they turn into major problems.

Topping up your radiator and checking that your windscreen wipers’ spray bottle is loaded with the right mixture of screen fluid seem like a simple thing, but using the wrong water or not filling it up sufficiently can end up damaging your vehicle through overheating or scratching your windscreen. Having this done by a mechanic will give you peace of mind that it has been done correctly.

Your tyres are vital to the smooth running of your car – literally! As part of your service, the mechanic will check your tyres, making sure they are in good condition, have enough wear left on them, and they will also balance and align them for you. Wheel balancing is ensuring that the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed over the four tyres, while alignment refers to the direction in which the wheels will drive in use. If you have had a tyre change or a minor collision, this can be enough to upset the alignment, which can, in turn, cause wear and tear, poor functioning of your car and other issues that can end up causing a lot of bother for your vehicle. Oh, and a mechanic will also check out your spare tyre too, making sure it is in good condition and ready to use.

A full service will do so much more than cost you money: it will boost your road safety, keep you legally compliant with the laws of the road and will give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is as safe as possible to carry you and your children wherever in London that you need to go.

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