We all need a little quiet time now and again.

We spend so much of our time chasing after the children, running errands and trying to keep on top of the housework that we rarely have time to enjoy some peace and quiet. And the kids are often preoccupied with school, running around chasing each other, becoming overstimulated by screens or just cranky from not knowing how to entertain themselves.

It’s a difficult balance. So sometimes reinforcing a little quiet time in the family home is a good thing for everybody. Whether that gets the kids out of your hair for thirty minutes or everyone can just spend a little time together. If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry. I’ve rounded up 4 super simple ways you can spend some quiet time.



Did you know that colouring actually has therapeutic and meditative tendencies? I didn’t! However experts have said that due to the concentration and the focusing of the mind, we can actually liken it to meditating. Not to mention that colouring is really satisfying and fun too! So, print off some colouring pages – you can get cheaper canon printer cartridges on PrinterInks – and find those crayons, felt tips, coloured pencils and get going! If you fancy a little quiet time yourself, then join in! There are plenty of colouring books for grownups out there.  

Rock painting

This is an activity with several stages, all of which aren’t rowdy or require running around. Head out into your garden or even the beach and find a collection of good sized stones with flat sides. Then take them home and let the kids paint them all kinds of colours, designs and styles. Once they’re dry you can all have a nice walk and find places to hide the rocks for others to find! Don’t forget to write messages on the rocks asking those who find them to re-hide them somewhere new! It’s super fun and who knows, you might find some other painted rocks while you’re out and about…


Messy as it might be, baking can still be classed as a relaxing and quiet activity. If you have more than one child then assign them a job each throughout the process; from measuring the ingredients to mixing them all up. If you’d much rather avoid carnage in the kitchen then try purchasing some premade fairy cakes or biscuits and let the children have a go at decorating them.

Story time

You can’t beat story time. No matter how old you are! Let the kids choose a short story each and then read each one. Make sure you take your time and let the children study the pictures, ask them questions about what they think is happening or what might happen next (this is a great way to increase their comprehension at school too), afterwards ask them what they think might happen next, or get them to draw a picture of their favourite moment from the story. It’s also the perfect excuse for a snuggle too.

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