I dragged Arlo and Sam to a nearby lavender field last weekend. My motive was to get some nice photos of me and Arlo together. Sam was most displeased about being forced to go there, especially when I revealed my plan to stay until closing time in order to take advantage of the best light.

In the end, I had to realise that enough is enough. Arlo was fed up after fifteen minutes of looking at bees, slugs and tons of purple flowers, Sam was fed up from the start, and a forced photo session is never going to yield great shots. Painfully, the sun emerged just as we were leaving and was casting some lovely evening light over the field, these photos were all taken when it was overcast and a bit dreary…. so we may have to go back again before the lavender season is over.

This experience also made me want to teach Sam how to use my camera (if he’ll stand to be instructed by me!). I set everything up for him, but within seconds he’d managed to knock the exposure up to +2(!!)  (and the aperture to 5), so all the shots of Arlo and I were massively blown out.

It actually wasn’t a complete loss photo-wise. The only time we managed to get some real smiles and emotion from Arlo was for the shots where he’s giving me kisses and touching his nose to mine. He genuinely enjoyed mama being silly with him, so it was all worth it just for that moment!

(I quite like this slightly awkward one because we are mirroring each other with our hands on our faces)

Oh, and if you are planning a visit to a lavender field, I recommend not wearing open-toe shoes. I went in sandals and there were lots of slugs and bees on the ground.


  1. These look like a professional photo shoot! Oh! To be as clever as you! These photos are amazing! Your favourite one is my favourite too!! 🙂

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