It might not be summer, but that doesn’t mean your gardening needs are off the table!

The winter still holds a lot of trouble out there that you’ll need to take care of, and if you’ve got a lot of dead plants and frozen soil on your hands, now would be a good time to get to work for the spring. Here’s a few hints and tips on how to clear those dead or unwanted plants during the colder months. 

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Take Advantage of Plant Dormancy


The plants in your garden, if you have any right now, are going to be in a dormant stage. Because of this, it’ll be the perfect chance for you to decide what you want to keep on growing next year, and what you’d like to see a few more flowers and fruit from. 


Pruning plants during the colder times of the year ensures they have more room, resources, and encouragement to grow back even bigger and better when it’s warm again. Here’s a handy list of the plants that need pruning the most whilst the winter rages on around us. 


Cut Back That Big Tree


Winter is a great time to cut back your trees as well, especially if they’re of the deciduous type. They’re dormant during the colder months, like most other plants in your garden, and would benefit the most from pruning during this time of year. And seeing as the big tree in your garden bears a lot of fruit and shade during the summer, as well as acting as a centerpiece for your garden, you’ll want to take care of it properly! 


Of course, trees can be hard to handle on your own. Be sure to get in touch with a professional Tree Surgeon if you’ve got a lot of branches to deal with, or you’ve got an old oak at the back of your garden that would take a lot of chopping that you just can’t keep up with! 


Lookout For Disease


And of course, make sure you know how to spot disease in your plants, because this can be most obvious during the winter period. Don’t allow any infections or bacteria to lie dormant and fester during the colder months, only to come back even worse when things start to warm up and wake up when spring rolls around. 


If you have any fruit bearing plants or trees in your garden, you’ll want to give them a once over the most. It’s these plants that attract bacteria the most, due to the natural sugar in the produce. Cut back any dead or dying branches whilst you have the chance, and be sure to remove any and all old or dead fruit that may be lying around or still on the branches. 


There are a lot of jobs that can be done in the garden in the winter. Make sure you’re taking pruning into account, to ensure your garden looks wonderful over the coming new year. 

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