There’s no feeling quite like travelling with your family.

Whether you head on a mini break to France or two-week long adventure in Hawaii, you’re given a chance to refresh your minds, spend some quality time together, and make amazing memories. A holiday is also the perfect opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life. That being said, returning to a ransacked house can ruin it all. To prevent this, here are six ways to protect your home when you travel.

Have Neighbours Keep Watch

There’s no reason not to be a good neighbour, but your home’s security is one very good reason why you should. When you’re not around to take care of your property, it helps to have someone that you can trust keeping an eye on things. After all, even if you ask a friend or family member to check on your home regularly, they aren’t going to be there all the time, like those next door.

Lock Away Your Valuables

Jewellery, cash, consoles, and other devices are just a few valuable items many of us have lying around at home. Keeping these things on a table or counter allows us easy access to them, but, if someone were to break in, it would make their job easier too. Because of this, you should lock these items away when you travel. Avoid any obvious hiding places and consider buying a safe.

Invest In Security Features

For many homeowners, their first line of defence against criminals is an intruder alarm and other home security features. As well as protecting you against burglary, this can also reduce your home insurance. For this reason, you should try contacting professionals, like GBS Electrics, to talk through your options. If home security is off the table, fake cameras can work as a deterrent.

Double Check The Locks

The morning you leave for your trip is sure to be quite a rush. However, in all of the chaos, you must make sure that you lock every single window and door. As obvious as this advice may be, many holiday-goers make the mistake of missing a lock or two. To avoid doing the same, you should double check every possible entrance and maybe even ask your partner to do it too.


Pretend That You’re Home

Burglars may not be good people, but that doesn’t mean that they’re stupid either. They don’t want to be caught, which means that they’re much less likely to break into a home if they think that someone is in there or will be soon. For this reason, you should stimulate your presence by using timers on your lights and asking a friend to move your post and open and close the blinds.

Keep Your Plans Quiet

Just like many other people, criminals have social media accounts. This means that, if you spend weeks posting about your upcoming trip, they’ll know that your house will soon be empty. You can share as many snaps and statuses as you want when you return home, but, to avoid becoming a target, you should avoid doing so before or during your holiday.

No one wants to return home to a ransacked property, so make sure that you protect your family home by using the tips above.

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