For the most part, Arlo and I have had a lovely week. Chilling at home in our slumming clothes (note Arlo’s undervest or lack of any clothes at all in pretty much every shot), playing, laughing, losing track of time. Reconnecting.


Waiting for Dada to come home from his boys weekend.


A 50mm lens on my cropped sensor makes for some rubbish attempts at trying to get both me and Arlo in the same shot when I’m being the photographer.

These images were most underwhelming on their own, but together in this collage, it’s quickly become a personal favourite image.

It’s also a testament the power of an image, because let me tell you that feeding a toddler is not always the calm and peaceful scenario that this image would have you believe. (Also, don’t forget that my camera was hovering about our heads for most of this feed. Relaxing indeed).


This is Arlo’s expression when he is walking. These things take a lot of concentration.


This is what Arlo does when you tell him to ‘lie down’. Including when you ask him to lie on his changing mat. This is also his preferred sleep position. Crazy baby.


This was meant to be a photo of Arlo in the playground with one of his buddies, (I even thought I might catch his first steps outside of the house) but he wouldn’t leave my arms the whole time we were there, so here is a shot of him in the car when we parked up.

He’s always pointing at something these days, but I can’t always tell what it is he wants me to look at.


You don’t need all these face creams, Mama.

Sometimes it’s important to let things slide once in a while. Notable things that have suffered this week are the ‘find work’ effort and the state of the house. But my boy and I have been happy.  And a happy week has made for a more sleep all round. Or perhaps sleep has set us up for a happy week (it’s a chicken or egg situation, clearly).

This week has also seen an evening spent reconnecting with family (with wine. And without the presence of a very distracting small person). An afternoon spent reconnecting with friends who are soon to be moving away. And later on this evening I will be reconnecting with some of my former nightlife haunts (I haven’t set foot in a club since late 2009, it will probably be another two years before I do so again).


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