As a child, I used to love jigsaw puzzles.

There is something very soothing about sorting all the pieces, whether by colour, or ‘edge’ and middle pieces, and methodically working away until the endorphin boost moment of finding the exact right piece you need.

And then, as the story usually goes, I got older and busier and found less time for jigsaw puzzles. But recently, especially during lockdown, I have felt an increasing urge to rediscover my old hobbies and to find new ways to keep me entertained. The great thing about jigsaws is that they can be both a solo task, and a group effort amongst the whole family.

Animal Map of the World by Fine Art America

If you are on the lookout for unique jigsaw puzzles for adults, check out Fine Art America. You can even upload your own photos or images and create custom puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to switch off, as they demand your full attention. You need to use your hands, and your eyes, so there’s no option to become easily distracted with scrolling through your phone. One of the issues I find most frequently with modern life is how easy it is to be absentmindedly doing two or three things at once. I’m often scrolling through my social media feeds whilst watching TV, for instances. These days, I’m more out of practice in focussing on just one task than I am at multi-tasking. It can often feel like I’m trying to do everything at once, whilst never really concentrating on any one thing.

Sewing Threads Puzzle by Fine Art America

We are big fans of board games and jigsaws in our family – it’s a great way to spend time together that doesn’t involve screens. Friends of ours have incorporated a jigsaw night into their weekly routine, as a way of purposefully avoiding falling into the trap of slumping in front of the TV all evening once the kids are in bed. Instead, they chat and work as a team to complete huge jigsaw puzzles.

With a portable jigsaw table, like this one, you never have to feel rushed to finish your jigsaw within a certain timeframe, as you can easily pack away your unfinished puzzle and keep everything in place for when you are next ready to tackle your jigsaw.

Craving more mindfulness in your downtime? Task yourself with the challenge of completing a jigsaw puzzle and you will soon find yourself with more calm and focus.

Macchu Pichu In Peru – Unseco World Puzzle

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