It’s that time of year again: when you start thinking of must-have ideas for revamping and remodeling your home, especially the outdoor areas such as decks or porches.

Whether it’s just a little light spring cleaning and rearranging of furniture, or a complete overhaul that you have in mind, there’s never been a better time to spruce things up and make your outside spaces over into something that you truly love. 

No matter the aesthetic or your own personal preferences or budget, there are some great ideas out there for any type of home. We’ve laid out a few of our favorites below. 



Screened-in porches, decks and patios have been all the rage for a while, and for good reason. Having a screened in area to enjoy the outdoors without being totally exposed to the elements is a great way to get extra enjoyment out of your home. Sometimes, however, completely screening in a porch area can be impractical or too expensive. 


Many people are choosing to use fly screens or phantom screens in place of screening in an entire area. These chic, retractable and super convenient screens protect you from the elements, such as bad weather, too much sun and even insects, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces more. They retract when you don’t need them, and come in a wide variety of styles and options to choose from. 


Floor Covers and More

Gone are the days of boring stained decks and weather-beaten wood. More and more people are choosing to think outside the box for floor and deck coverings, using creative ideas such as laminate coverings, weather-proof carpet and even interlocking tiles in unique colors and patterns. 


Many folks still enjoy a simple paint job or stain on a deck or porch, and that’s a great way to really jazz up the look of your home as well as weatherproof it. 


Flooring can be surprisingly affordable, too. You can even utilize repurposing to polish up an old floor into something new and amazing! 


Finishing Touches

Seems like everyone has a garden gnome or a fancy birdbath in their garden or yard space. You want something decorative and eye catching, but unique, too! 


Lots of people are getting creative with their outdoor decor, doing fun projects such as creating family-painted murals on their fencing, getting into sculpting and making their own pottery or yard accents, making their own bird feeders and weathervanes, and repurposing/utilizing outdoor storage areas to create “she-sheds” and greenhouses, etc. Repurposing can save you tons of money, too, and you’re guaranteed that nobody else will have those unique pieces/decor. 


Getting creative with flower beds, old stumps, falling-apart-outdoor-furniture and more can really show off your artistic talents and make your house truly your own. 


These are just a few creative ways to spruce up your outdoor spaces, make safe and relaxing areas to spend time outside, and show off your own unique tastes. Enjoy being outside all spring long with just a few simple tweaks. 

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