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Kids and mess go hand in hand; it’s rare to have one without the other. Whilst some parents do manage to have cream sofas and carpets without spending a fortune on cleaning bills, they are few and far between. No, it is far more common to be surrounded by piles of toys, laundry, crayon marks on the walls, and the general clutter associated with small children.

Small children are muck magnets. They attract mess like a magnet attracts iron filings. Unfortunately, as a parent, you have to lower your tidiness standards and get used to living with toys and miscellaneous bits and pieces. Long gone are the days where a minimalist décor with glass tables and expensive ornaments on low shelves is something to aspire to. Instead you are forced to put locks on drawers, get used to bomb-proof furniture, and turn a blind eye to the box of Lego breeding in the corner. It’s all part and parcel of being a parent.

5 Minute Cleaning

As a busy parent, you probably don’t have time to sleep and eat, let alone clean the house, and if you do miraculously end up with a spare five minutes in between ferrying kids around and cooking the dinner, why on earth would you want to waste it pushing a vacuum cleaner around?

The trouble is, whilst cleaning is a real pain, it is something we can’t avoid doing for too long or the house starts to get out of control. Messy, dirty homes are also prone to rodent infestations and the like, so even if you can’t stand cleaning and would rather be watching Kids’ TV with your little ones, it pays to spend five minutes here and there tackling a few cleaning jobs.

Prioritise the Cleaning Jobs

When time is at a premium, you have to learn to prioritise the jobs on your ‘to-do’ list. Certain things, such as keeping the kitchen tidy and giving the bathroom a once over, are more important than, say, dusting the books on the very top shelf of the bookcase in the spare bedroom. This is not to say you should never, ever dust the bookcase in the spare room, but it is definitely not as important as a clean, hygienic kitchen and bathroom.

Cleaning Tools for Busy Parents

At times like this, I like to make use of tools such as my steam cleaner from www.karcher.co.uk. It enables me to give the kitchen floor a quick once over, and because steam cuts right through to the bacteria (and kills it stone dead) I know my kids can crawl around on the floor risk-free.

If it all gets too much, take a good look at who does what in your house. Very often one person is doing the lion’s share of the housework, as well as working and looking after the kids, which isn’t really fair. So if one partner is not pulling their weight, sit down and talk about how they maybe need to do a bit more to help.

Don’t Forget The Garden!

If you’re going to be going on a cleaning frenzy, don’t forget the garden. It’s all well and good trying to get your home cleaned up, but if the garden is overgrown and underworked, you’re going to feel like you’re always unfinished. Before you shake your head and try to say that you can’t possibly do the garden with the toddlers running around, here is where you outsource. There is no need to do the garden yourself if you don’t have the time or the spare hands, so why not look at what needs to be done and make a list? You can call in the experts in professional tree service and the landscaper and get your garden shipshape in no time at all. The garden is a part of the house and if you have children who love spending time outside, you deserve to invest in the garden that will benefit the whole family. You can use the garden properly when you finally get it cleared out and taken care of!

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