It’s been a funny old month as far as capturing family memories go.

Because Sam and I spent a portion of it away from the children, on our pre-wedding sort-of honeymoon, I don’t have a lot of footage of the children to share this month.

We got back from our travels, and all of a sudden I felt like everything had changed with Otto. He’s made that shift from baby to fully fledged toddler. He seemed bigger, more communicative. We are entering a new stage, and I know from past experience that this next year from 18 months to 2.5 years will see so much change and development.

So, I wanted to dedicated this month’s Snapshots and Scenes to Otto. We’ve been busy and away on various trips in the past three or so months, I know I haven’t taken any video clips of him just being his normal self at home. I wanted to film some ordinary footage of him, as he is right now at this moment in time, at 18 months old.

I set up my camera on my tripod during a day when it was just me and Otto at home and the older boys at school. We just played and soon forgot the camera was on. It’s one of the most simple concepts I’ve ever had for a video. And yet it’s one I wouldn’t want to be without now. I am really loving the opportunity Snapshots and Scenes is giving me to slow down and focus on the simple details of our life, and to remember the everyday.

(PS. I really didn’t intend for us to be in matching jumpers)

Here are some of my favourite photos from Otto taken over the last four or so months. The last set was taken at sunset on our holiday to Spain, and I just couldn’t choose between them – I love them all.


Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly project focusing on telling a story through words, images, and video. It can be a summary of the month just past, a celebration of a special occasion or milestone, or highlighting the little moments.
I’m approaching Snapshots and Scenes as a way to honour the little stories of life that make our family what it is.


Snapshots and Scenes is open to everyone! We’d love to hear your stories and your adventures, big and small. Just link up your blog posts or youtube videos below to join in:


  1. I love how you’ve dedicated this month to him, he’s a wee seeetheart. Love the time you have captured, made me miss the baby/toddler days. And those sunset photos are just beautiful x

  2. I love your style for going on a pre-wedding honeymoon! Otto is such a gorgeous little man: he looks like a handsome little man right out of a Jacadi catalogue 🙂 xx

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