Every time, I think I want a posed photo. I think about how good the light will be / how clean the background will be if I place them in that particular spot, about how I want them to be wearing something cute, something that instantly screams ICONIC CHILDHOOD PHOTO.

But what I really want is interaction. Any time, any place, just a shot of my children interacting with each other as they naturally do.



At the beginning of the year when I was thinking about how I wanted to approach this Siblings project, I wanted to use it as a chance to sit back and quietly observe my children, a chance to collect true candid shots that really reveal their relationship, and an opportunity to step away from the more posed shots that become a habit in my profession.

I resolved to keep my mouth shut when behind the camera, to not coax them into doing specific things, or make them look at the camera. I resolved to capture natural moments of interaction. I feel like I’m about 50/50 succeeding with that so far – sometimes with very young children, you just have to encourage them a little.

As is usual with the Siblings linky, I am sending you in the direction of one of the other bloggers taking part in the project. This month, it’s my turn to send you on to Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, who has just celebrated a big birthday – Happy Birthday, Katie!



  1. Ahhh, I think one posed and one candid gives a great balance. The posed one of your two little bears is ADORABLE! But there is something so beautiful and precious about the interaction you captured in the candid one, and those are the sort of memories I think are most important to capture.
    I’ve accepted that posed just doesn’t happen with my children. The best I can hope for is putting them in a pretty spot and then I just let them do their thing and keep pressing the shutter like a mad woman. They seem to ignore the majority of my coaxing and cajoling when they are together anyway… a sign of what I should expect in future I suspect. 😉

  2. The top photo is lovely but it’s the second one that really, really makes me smile. It’s an amazing shot. I’m not handy enough with a camera to do anything other than quickly point and shoot. Mine are rarely next to each other so candid shots are so hard. But neither will pose either. It’s soooo hard.

  3. Both photos are so great!!!! I love seeing all the siblings together. Makes me feel so blessed that I have my own siblings and gave my kids each other so they can feel this strong bond too. I love natural photos your second is precious. The first one is a framer for sure. How cute dressed up!!! Looks like fun was had by all.

  4. Ah so sweet Chloe – I love both of these – candid shots are always lovely (mainly for me as my two tend to pull big grins when they see the camera – that look a bit creepy!!

  5. Both these photos are gorgeous Chloe, in different ways like you say. The first one because who cannot resist two little bears, so cute! And the second because it captures pure emotion, it’s just so wonderful to watch the interaction isn’t it? x

  6. They’re both gorgeous photos and I think you’ve got a lovely balance between the two. I think most of my siblings photos so far have been posed to one degree or other, as you say, toddlers need a little help!

  7. I really love that second photo, it looks so natural and with the hand on the pram at the front it really gives it that candid picture look. They are so cute together!

  8. I love the candids as well – the interactions are too much to miss capturing! But the first one is just too adorable to pass up as well. It is always nice to have both in a way.

  9. Such beautiful pictures! All linked up for the first time and am looking forward to discovering some new blogs x #Siblings

  10. Both pics are super cute! I’ve been trying to do the same thing, just take pics without them knowing. It’s hard, I always have a strong urge to try and set up everything to capture “the perfect shot.”

  11. Perfect. The look on Rory’s face is priceless.

    I feel like I’m just gently stepping into learning my camera a bit more so the candid shots intimidate me, but they are so great at telling a story. Lovely photos. xo

  12. oh i just found this linky i would love to join in as it is such a great idea. Love you littleuns how cute two bears ^^

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