The Sleep Council’s recently launched their May Campaign “May Be Time For a New Mattress” . The prime objective of which was to get people thinking about how long they have had their current mattress, and whether or not it may be time to invest in a new one. The support provided by a mattress does have a huge effect on overall sleep quality, and a domino effect on our everyday functioning.

We do get used to our own mattress over time – and even the morning aches and pains that come with a bad mattress seem to become the “norm”. You will probably notice this effect most when sleeping on a mattress that you are not normally used to. For example, when staying at a hotel or a friend’s house. Even when sleeping for just a night or two on a different mattress, it is impossible not to compare it to your current mattress and normal sleep quality (for better or for worse!).

It is suggested that you should replace your mattress every 8-10 years. Which, when you think that you will use a mattress for (hopefully!) 7-9 hours every day, is quite a long amount of time. For something that you use so frequently, it is always a good idea to invest in a good quality mattress.

One of the most popular mattress materials in the UK is memory foam. Although memory foam is a fantastic material in terms of initial comfort, there are drawbacks to this material over a period of use. First of all, sleepers often experience a “sinking in” feeling as you begin to mold into the bed itself. Another drawback is that it is not efficient at regulating temperature and so tends individuals tend to “sleep hot” in the night

The startup company Bruno Interior seems intent on solving the dilemma involved in choosing a mattress. After great success in Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, their recent launch of the Bruno Mattress into the UK seems to be very well received. Instead of using memory foam, the mattress is compiled of a 7-zone support foam base, a 3cm natural latex layer, and a detachable quilted cover top.

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Compared to the high street branded mattresses, the Bruno Mattress comes in at a fraction of the cost. Although this seems initially suspicious, after looking through the Bruno Sleep website you can quickly see the big difference between Bruno and the traditional mattress; it is sold completely online and delivered compressed in a box to your door. By cutting out unnecessary costs involved in showrooms and middle men, the company sells in a direct-to-customer model which is what allows such a high quality mattress to be sold at such a fair price to customers.


The Bruno Mattress is assembled in the most part by hand in Germany before it is compressed for delivery in a box. Not only does delivering the mattress in a compressed box help cut the overall cost, it has a lower impact on the environment by reducing lorry space and looks super easy to maneuver from doorstep to bedroom. It also comes with free UK delivery… can’t argue with that.

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The founders of Bruno Interior Felix Baer and Andreas Bauer are so confident in their design that they also offer a 30 night risk-free trial with every mattress. So, if you are not 100% happy with how you are sleeping on your new mattress you can have it sent back at no expense to you and receive a full refund… sounds too good to be true right? Though I guess there really is nothing to lose in trying it out, what do you think?

Has anybody had any experience in purchasing a mattress in a box? Or is anyone also considering it for their next mattress?

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Thank you to Bruno Interior for partnering with Sorry About The Mess. 

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  1. I purchased a mattress in a box sometime ago for our other bed,I would like them to be double boxed or a strong plastic bag over the box as they are very heavy, I soiled my carpet taking it upstairs into the bedroom,the first mattress box was all broken ,so I think packaging could be better.
    Given the weight of these mattress it would be better for the makers to be sure their goods are packed good enough,having said that I am now going to purchase a Bruno mattress wish me luck.

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