(You can tell it’s a busy month when I only get round to writing an October round-up at the end of November).

I got a new camera! It’s been seven years since I upgraded, so I had been anticipating this day for AGES, but was never convinced it was ever going to happen, as a new camera is no way near a financial priority for us. But, somehow, I managed to convince Sam with my well thought out repayment plan, and he allowed me to use his credit to buy it (because obviously no one would give me credit)… plus a new computer, because I was having real speed issues with my nine year old PC, and the size of the new camera files would have killed it.

The changes in Lightroom now update immediately (Yes, I can actually see the changes in real time as I move the sliders… I didn’t even know that was possible), and I’m shaving masses of time off my work speed. The new camera has the low light capabilities that my old camera was missing, and means I can continue to shoot indoor photo sessions all throughout winter without worrying about excess noise or poorly lit rooms. Sam has been really supportive with all of this, and to tell the truth I’m just massively chuffed that he thinks my work is worth investing in.

We got new fridge magnets, printed from my Instagram photos (sent courtesy of Stickygram). I chose lots of Rory to balance out all the ones of Arlo from my previous Stickygram order.

Everyone got a tummy bug. I was the only one left standing. It seemed to last forever, hovering over our house for over three weeks. I don’t even like looking at these photos.

Arlo had three different birthday cakes (one to take to preschool, one on his actual birthday, and one for his birthday party). A LOT of cake.

The house started to feel really small as the cold days descended and we migrated in from the garden. Arlo’s mess (throwing cushions all over the floor, and endless, endless amount of wooden train track) combined with Rory’s gear (the baby chair, the playmat) makes for a very cluttered floorspace indeed.

Halloween – We went to a party at Arlo’s preschool. He didn’t want to dress up (“I just want to be Arlo”), and he was a bit freaked out by all the changes to his preschool for the day, but he enjoyed the party once he got used to the idea.

Sam and I celebrated eight years together. Well, we didn’t really celebrate. I think we ordered takeaway. But it’s a step up from last year when neither of us remembered until two weeks after the date (to be honest, it always gets a bit overshadowed now that we have Arlo’s birthday the day before, we are usually just too busy having fun with him).

Nine years since we met. Eight years of being together. Three years of being parents. All centred around the same few days in little old October.

If you’d like to follow our adventures in real time (rather than a month later when I finally get round to updating this blog), you can find me on Instagram. 


  1. Gosh it looks like such a busy month, lots of celebrations! Not liking the tummy bug though.
    It’s lovely to read that Sam is so supportive of you. Although how could he not be, you are so talented and your photography is amazing xx

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