I’ve long given up thinking that I might ever get a full night’s sleep, but it seems that one of my main missions of motherhood thus far is making sure Arlo gets enough sleep.

He is a sleep fighter, so this usually involves long walks or some complicated bouncing technique combined with an adapted version of Pick Up Put Down (if I hadn’t already, I’ve just lost any non parent readers).  Succesful attempts take half an hour. Not so successful attempts can take longer than an hour or two.

He usually has/needs four naps per day, and then there’s bedtime, so this tends to take up most of the day and serves as my justification for being so sleep obsessed. I won’t go into the nights, that’s for another post. Once, he fell asleep on his own with no encouragement from me whatsoever. I think that was the best moment of my life.

Why don’t I just relax about it and go about my day letting  him nap when the opportunity arises? You may be thinking this. His dad even suggested this during one of my moaning sessions. I’ve tried that. This is how I would love for things to be and is how we started out. But I quickly learned the hard way that it just does not work with my baby. He loves routine and he needs help sleeping.  I also quickly learned that chronic overtiredness means no chance of breakfast or lunch for me, and one very angry Arlo during his awake time. I’d much rather he put his energy into learning and exploring his surroundings rather than screaming at me all day.

This is why I try my hardest to make sure he has enough sleep every day. Sleep makes for a happier Arlo and a happier Chloe. Saying that, I often manage to get it wrong and he ends up screaming at me all day anyway. These babies, there’s just no telling them.

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