On Friday, I turned 28 and the snow started falling. Sam had the day off work to take Arlo swimming so I could go out for lunch with my mum and sister, so we only had time for a quick stroll down our road to check out the snow and put my new camera strap to the test.

web ready9(As it turned out, the swimming lesson was cancelled at the last minute, but Sam took Arlo to the pool anyway as all morning we’d been telling him he was going swimming).

This is Arlo’s first snowfall since he’s been walking, so the first time he’s really been able to play in it. Being the particular little boy that he is, we weren’t sure what he’d make of snow and being bundled up in a snowsuit (same one from a year ago, it still fits!). But he was perfectly happy to trudge about in the snow, and even dared to touch some at one point. He really liked watching people sledge down the giant hill in our local park – I think Sam was a bit disappointed that we hadn’t had the forethought to get our own sledge before all this snow started!

web ready12The snow continued over the weekend and we got a whole lot more today (Sunday), so we’ve been out in the garden making a snowman.

web ready11

The camera strap is a Black Rapid RS-7, which I’ve been after for ages and Sam kindly bought me for my birthday. I hate the way my camera bounces off my chest whilst walking when it’s hung round my neck, and if I put the strap across my body in a more secure position, I have to free it from under my arm before I can lift the camera to take a photo. Well, not any more. I can tell from just one outing that I will get on far better with this sling style strap. I think it will be particularly useful in a few months time when I’m juggling a small baby in a sling and trying to use my camera at the same time. I’ll also be able to hold a baby on my left hip and take photos with my right hand in one move without the need to untangle my arm from the strap – I always struggled with this when Arlo was a non-walking baby, so my new strap is going to make a big difference.



  1. Ahhh, it looks like Arlo enjoyed the snow. It was our little guy’s first snow since he’s been walking too and I wasn’t sure what he’d make of it, but he loved it. (He was out in last years snowsuit too!)
    The new straps sounds fab. I hate mine so perhaps I should check that one out. X

  2. Happy Birthday Chloe. You shared it with our little boy’s first birthday. The snow made it a very special day even if it meant none of his little friends could make his party (plenty of big kids off school though) and we had to eat triple amounts of cake (such hardship).
    That’s a snowman to be proud of :o)

  3. Happy Birthday for Friday – lovely pics! Arlo looks adorable in that snowsuit, it’s v cool! Allegra was out in the same snow suit she had last year and amazingly it still (just about) fit her, she also enjoyed snow for the first time since she’s been walking and more aware of things, so it was a fun weekend watching her explore the white stuff and make a snowman with Daddy 🙂 x

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