Car journeys with young children are unpredictable.

The one thought at the forefront of my mind every time we embark on a car journey with the children is “How easy is this car journey going to be? How long until they start moaning?”

Every journey is different and I can never predict how it is going to go, but preparation is the key is to make family car travel as easy as possible for everyone involved. Here are my must-have car features to ease family travel.


Boot space

With three children, one still using a pushchair, decent boot space is an absolutely vital feature for our family car. We currently have all three children in the middle seats of our seven-seater car, giving us generous boot space in the back.

Roof box

Despite having a large boot in our family car, you’d be surprised at just how quickly that fills up! When packing the car for family holidays or camping, we have to be very strategic about ensuring every little space is used efficiently. A roof box would give us some much needed added space during these times, and is next on our list of purchases for our family car.

Good storage for passenger seats

When it comes to long car journeys with three children, someone is always in need of something. Good storage and pockets by their seats means they can have all their belongings within reach and saves me from a never ending loop of retrieving items from the floor and passing items between each child. The more independence my children can have in the car, the easier it is on me!

Phone connectivity

Toddlers are notoriously difficult to entertain in the car – too young to read a book or play a game on the ipad, you really are limited to TV shows and songs. Our two year old loves to listen to his favourite songs and audiobooks via a phone connected up to our car’s audio system. Our previous car didn’t have phone connectivity, having this extra option has made life a lot easier when it comes to travelling with the children!

Affordable car insurance

Family life is expensive. Aviva have developed an app designed to help keep the cost of your car insurance down. The Aviva Drive App and Dash Cam monitors your driving skills (rewarding safer drivers with an insurance discount) and provides valuable evidence should you be in an accident. Download the Aviva Drive app to get started.

Personal USB ports so tablets and devices can remain charged

Our children’s tablets are a lifesaver on long car journeys. But they don’t hold charge for long. Personal USB ports by every passenger seat is definitely a feature I will look out for when it comes to choosing our next family car. Currently we have to stretch a long lead from the cigarette lighter at the front – it feels like there should be an easier option!

Wifi connectivity  

At the moment we have to rely on remembering to download the kids favourite Netflix or Prime TV shows before we leave on our journey, or else hammer our phone data. Wifi connectivity would be a game-changer for our family and definitely a feature we will look for in our next car.

How about you? What’s the number one car feature your family couldn’t live without?


Disclosure: This is a paid partnership with Aviva Car Insurance


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