Early evening Sunday blues have been an unwelcome part of my weekend since my school days. Even though those years have long past, the theme to Antiques Road Show still has the power to envoke the familiar feeling of dread at another whole school week fast approaching.

Sunday evenings were also a low point of the weekend when I was a full-time worker. Another week of early rises and wrestling my way onto packed trains into central London.

Since being on maternity leave, the Sunday blues have vanished, leaving me with the Monday morning slump as a replacement.

It starts when I hear Sam’s alarm go off. He won’t be around for a cuddle in bed this morning. There will be no debate about what we should do with our day today. The front door closes and I’m on my own again with Arlo after a lovely weekend of family time.

The absence of adult conversation around the house becomes more noticeable on a Monday morning. No baby groups or activities to go to on a Monday. Rarely any set plans. A day for housework, bills and inevitable money stresses. If my bank statements were analysed, I’m positive that there would be a Monday trend of increased spending and impulse buys.

By Tuesday, the glow of the weekend is in the distance, and I’m fully in the swing of maternity leave life. The rest of the week is filled up with plans, the to-do list is in action.

Friday comes around in no time. Almost time for Sam to come through that front door. Almost time for Sam to get to see Arlo during the daytime. Almost time to share a whole two days as a family.

But, for now, I’m lumped with a typical mundane Monday.

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