We spend most of our time at home.

Some of us even work from home or spend our days at home looking after our children. We’re there a lot, and we look at our decor a lot. It’s no wonder we often get bored and feel a desire to make changes. You might find that your home quickly starts to look dated and even old fashioned. As new styles, appliances and equipment come out. It only takes a quick walk around Ikea to realise that your own house is a little behind the times.

You might use tricks like keeping your walls neutral, to give yourself more options and ensure that they are never unfashionable and they never clash with your accessories or furniture. But, while this works well, it’s often not enough. Here are some fantastic ways to modernise your home, whatever your budget.

Get Smart

There are so many smart appliances and tools that you can use today. You can use voice control to dim your lights or turn your heating up. You can ask your TV to recommend shows that you love. You can even use tools to integrate all of your smart systems, to give you even greater control over your home. Check out https://www.kinoav.com for a look at some of the options.

Making your home smart won’t necessarily make your home look more modern, but it will increase its functionality and make your life easier. It can even help you to save money on your utilities.

Open Plan Living

Open plan doesn’t suit everyone. Some people prefer to have walls between their rooms and don’t like the idea of always being able to see the kitchen. But, it is a very modern way to live and knocking walls through means that you actually get much more space in your home.

Open plan living spaces are light and airy. They can make you feel relaxed, they can be easier to clean, and they mean that you can make the kitchen a really big focus of your home. If you want, you can separate your space into zones and even divide the space with large furniture, screens and shelving. Open plan can give you many options, and it’s easy to change around when you get bored. Look at some great designs at https://www.loveproperty.com/gallerylist/70546/29-design-secrets-for-successful-open-plan-living.


Something about glass screams modern. It lets you maximise the natural light and really opens your home up. It can make it feel bigger and even improve your mood and the quality of the air inside your house. Large windows, skylights and sun tunnels are an excellent way to add more glass and let more light in. An alternative is adding large mirrors to your walls, and using reflective surfaces.

Clever Furniture

Modern homes are often much smaller than more traditional houses. This means there’s been an increase in the amount of clever furniture on the market. Pieces that do more than one thing, or fold up to use less space. Think beds that fold into the wall, or desks that are mounted and fold up. Coffee tables with shelves and pouffe with hidden storage. Even side tables that clip to sofa arms, or lamps that clip to your bedside table.

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