In once sense, this month has just flown by. It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was sitting here writing February’s Me and Mine post, and now it’s practically April. The winter to spring transition just seemed to happen overnight, and now, lighter, warmer days are upon us.

In another sense, this month has just dragged. With some of the worst sleep since I became a mother of two, and a long dose of solo-parenting added into the mix, I have felt exhaustion almost every day this month. March has been unproductive days and 8.30pm bedtimes (for me). My head has been in a fog, and I’m still waiting for it to lift, but I’m hoping the spring sunshine will help with my energy levels and my mood in general.


Here’s a phone photo that I took on the day that Sam left for his work trip. Arlo had forced encouraged everyone to play one of his favourite games – he lines up the chairs and we pretend to be on a train: today’s route was Norwood junction via Tanzania.

You never see Arlo so animated than when he’s in the throes of imaginary play, especially if it involves travel. He loves ‘playing pretend’. It really is one of the things that defines him as a three year old, and the rest of us are happy to be along for the ride.

As per usual, I am sending you on to another of the bloggers hosting Me and Mine. This month it’s Katie, who I am sure most of you know already, but just in case you haven’t discovered Katie’s blog yet, and you’re in the mood for lovely photography and great writing on the joys of parenthood, hop on over to Mummy Daddy Me and you’ll be in for a treat.


  1. Ahhh I love it! My brother and I used to do similar when we were little, except we used cardboard boxes. We would force our 60 year old nan to sit in one too. Fun times xx

  2. ha i love it, you all look like your having alot of fun love how toddlers force you into there games lol.

  3. It’s a lovely fun shot Chloe and It sounds like a fab game, i’m surprised we have never played it before soon as F is also obsessed with anything transport related. That’s this afternoons activities sorted then 🙂 xx

  4. I am glad Bob doesn’t read your blog otherwise I’d be playing this every day. She loves making buses & trains! Love how you went via Tanzania. What a detour! 🙂 x

  5. That sounds a rather fun game, I also love watching Mads in imaginative play mode, she adores it and gets so excited. Sorry it’s been a tough month parenting wise, here’s to more sleep in April. x

  6. I love that you thought to take a photo during play like that. Those are the sorts of moments that make a family real, and are also the moments that I imagine will fade with time. Such a cute photo.
    But sorry you’ve had a tough month. I had a week of solo parenting, and am now dealing with a post op Rich, who is easily as irritating as another two children. I’ll be glad to get a break at some point (when that will be though heaven only knows). I’ve been daydreaming about my bed!!! x

  7. I really love this picture. It says so much more to me than many posed shots do, because it captures a candid moment of real life. I can feel the fun just by looking at it. I love the way Rory has his arms in the air too, like he is thinking “yeah, trains!”

    I see this kind of play in my near future. Right now Thomas mostly wants to BE a train himself (and I am usually a truck!) but apparently he initiated a “waiting on the platform and getting on the train” game at nursery recently. Hopefully it means I will get to sit down for a while!

  8. Love it, I don’t think we’re far away from Matilda directing us to play like this, I’m already being ordered into her playhouse to sit down and drink a cup of tea 🙂

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