Getting married is one of the greatest achievements in life.

The wedding day is probably one of the most exciting moment for a couple. The thought of spending the rest of your life with someone is imaginably amazing. For women, everything has to work right on their wedding day. They spend countless hours preparing for that special day. It is more or less an effortless thing for them.

However, when it comes to men, wedding planning can be super overwhelming. There are a lot of logistics involved that most men forget to take care of themselves. A groom should look his best on his wedding as much as the bride does. The only way to get it right is to have a checklist of all the grooming areas you need to take care of. Here is a checklist you can use. Consider it your ultimate grooming guide on your wedding day:

Getting a haircut

Getting a nice haircut is probably the one item on the grooming list that men do not forget. The haircut you choose should work together with the clothing you wear for the wedding. Depending on the nature of your wedding, whether traditional or casual and laid back, you can identify different haircuts to befit the occasion.

Pro tip: it is a good idea to get your haircut from a professional on this day. The last thing you want is to have shaving errors on the day of your wedding. Opt for simple hairstyles that will not take all the attention away from your face or even from the bride.

Trim your beard

If you get your haircut from a professional barber, they will definitely suggest you get your beard groomed. Men can tend to forget this step. Your beard should look as sharp as your haircut. It is the best time to get a hold of your Wahl icon clipper and get working on your facial hair.

Make sure you get rid of any beard on the neck area all the way to the chin and jawbone. It is important to get this over with before the day of the wedding. This will allow your face to ease out as your beard grows a little to complement the style of the wedding.

Shave other facial hair

Men can be very hairy, especially on the face. When determining a haircut by a professional hairstylist, ask them to shave other parts of your face. This includes trimming the hairs in your nose and ears. Do not forget to tweeze your eyebrows a bit. The idea is to keep ensure that all your features are accentuated by getting rid of excess hair.


Whether you have been moisturizing before or not, you cannot afford to miss out on this step for your wedding. Moisturizing is one great way to restore moisture in your skin. Dry skin is not at all appealing. Moisturizing will also help your skin feel soft and smooth. This applies to your face as much as it does to the rest of your body, including your hands and legs.

Keep your mouth clean

A breath of fresh air on your wedding day is not too much to ask. A wedding is an occasion that calls for a lot of grinning and smiling. Remember to brush your teeth and floss to keep your mouth in check. You may also need to carry some mint for the day. Besides, if you can spare a little more money to get a whitening treatment, it would mean so much for your bride as well as the photographers.

Get rid of the odour

Whether from sweat, smelly shoes and socks or simply bad breath, the odour is not enticing in any way. Make sure you take a shower and keep all your attire clean for the wedding. You may also want to hold on to your favorite cologne for an extra touch of fragrance.

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