Back in April, Rory and I went to visit our local me&i representative, Mari, (who, it turns out, is a member of Popchoir too) to have a nose through the me&i collection.

We all know my fondness for bright, unisex, hardwearing scandi design – me&i did not disappoint.

me&i sheep vest

I fell in love with this cheerful sheep baby vest. Thoughtful little touches like the double seams on the cuff (so they can be folded over neatly) mean that this vest fits very well over a long period of time and growth, without looking at all oversized.

Rory started wearing his vest at 11 months old, and at 15 months old the vest still has a couple of inches of growth room left. It will still fit him next Spring, that’s a whole year of wear.


me&i is a clothing company made by mums, with all products tried and tested by a panel of children before they are available for sale. From the reinforced panels on the knees, soft, high quality fabric, and double seams on the trouser and arm cuffs as mentioned before, the whole range has been carefully designed with longevity in mind.

I also came away with a purchase for myself. I’d been searching for a grey jersey mini skirt for a while, and I love that the twisted hem means that the material doesn’t hang baggy and tired, as often happens with jersey.

me&i twisted skirt

To get your hands on me&i clothing, find your nearest rep. You can host a me&i party where you and your friends can preview the entire collection in the comfort of your own home or a venue of your choice.

If you are local to Croydon or South East London, be sure to check out Mari’s me&i facebook page for new season announcements, sales, and special offers.

me&i clothing


I was not compensated for this post. It is not sponsored. Our me&i purchases were made with my own money.


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