The trouble with trying to organise a family photo is that you’re usually restricted to weekends. And weekends are busy.

This month, we only had one day, one opportunity all month, to take our Me and Mine photo. No wonder we don’t have that many photos of us together, I know that if it wasn’t for this project, it would have been another month go by without a photo of the four of us.


I’m a bit disappointed that it’s yet another shot taken in our bedroom. I really wanted to aim for a different, more natural scene this time. But one weekend, one opportunity…and of course it was raining. Plus, this was probably the best option considering the limited ‘posing’ options for a 4 week old.

The outtakes:

IMG_8551-Edit-copy IMG_8562-Edit-copy IMG_8565-Edit-Edit-copy

The end of June means half a year of monthly family photos. As we’re at the half way point, I’ve put our six photos into a collage.


Seeing them together makes me really glad that this project has provided the motivation to get some photos of our family – they will be treasured in years to come. It has also made me determined to get a bit more variety in the photos and try and get some more outdoor shots in the months to come.

This month, I’m sending you on to Capture By Lucy. Lucy has the most incredible talent for food and product photography – quite where she gets the time to style her images so beautifully on top of working, parenting, and everything else… I just don’t know!

Have you taken a family photo that you’d like to link up with the Me and Mine project? The linky is below:



  1. Gorgeous as ever. You might have felt like you wanted an outdoor one this month, but I actually really love the simplicity of these photos. The one where you and Sam are both looking at the boys lying down next to each other is just PERFECT!
    And I feel the same about this project. Some months it’s a bit of a stress finding the time to get a photo, but we never regret taking that time. Like you say, I know we’ll treasure them in years to come. x

    1. it’s definitely true that there’s something to be said for the simple photos…and I still have another 6 months to get more outdoor photos, it WILL happen!

  2. lovely photos as always Chloe – good to capture the moments even if the location is not quite what you’d choose. All to easy for the months to fly by!

    1. Thank you, and yes you are completely right – that’s the whole reason for the project really, isn’t it?

  3. Lovely to see all the photos together. I am so glad we started this project too! It’s so lovely to have a photograph each month. Lovely photos as always! x

    1. Yes me too. And I’m finding that photos I didn’t particularly like at the time are already growing on me when I look back.

  4. Lovely photos as always. I can see why you take the pictures where you do as the light is always so lovely. Really nice to see all six pictures together. They would make lovely divider type pages in a photo book of the year.

    1. I had similar ideas about using the photos as dividers…but I can’t decide between that or putting them althogether so you we can easily see the changes over the year, etc.

  5. These are just beautiful Chloe. You really are a talented photographer, I would love for you to photograph my family one day. And I don’t know if I have ever said it to you but your bedroom has the most beautiful natural light. X

    1. Ah Katie, that’s so lovely of you to say, thank you. The bedroom has decent light for three months of the year, it’s the only room that does, and then the whole house in plunged into depressing darkness – hence all my photos being taken in there at the moment! I have really cheap sheer curtains from IKEA which help massively with diffusing the light and making the background look a bit prettier.

  6. They’re lovely photos, and as you say there are limited options for a tiny baby. And if that light was while it was raining I have serious light envy – in my house when it rains we might as well be on the dark side of the moon!

    1. I set up the tripod and then watched the sky for the tiniest break in the clouds, then rushed everyone upstairs and into position – that’s how crazy obsessive I get about having the ‘right’ light. No wonder Sam complains every time, haha.

    1. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the Me and Mine project, I’m not sure I’d have any family photos from this year. It’s such a great motivation.

    1. Yes, it really does feel like a chore when we’re doing it and there’s never been a time when there weren’t at least a few grumbles…but then I do love the end result – having all these photos to look back on.

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