Love is hard and requires a lot of time, effort and communication.

The word ‘work’ has a very off-putting connotation that comes with it, so when someone says ‘marriage is work,’ it can put a negative spin on things. Marriage isn’t always easy and it does require a lot of effort from everyone involved, but this doesn’t mean it has to be classed as work. All couples will experience ups and downs, but in most cases, each experience brings a couple closer together. Throughout the struggles, trials and hardships, you are both with each other and married for a reason, so let’s explore the saying ‘marriage is work’ further.

Making an Effort

In reality, ‘happily ever after’ isn’t something that fits into reality and work can be seen as a gruelling task for many of us. Most of the time, it’s the last thing you want to do and something we just want to walk away from, so why should you work for a marriage? Well, the reward is worth it. When you put in meaningful, intentional work, it normally leads to growth, cultivation, and knowledge, and you will stay together because of it.

Embrace Change

A lot can change in a short period of time, so it is completely normal for something that worked for you a year or so ago won’t work for you now. Life is full of change, whether it’s general life, work, preference or personality, you should try to embrace the work that comes alongside changes rather than hide from it. Many people don’t like change, but sometimes it’s essential for everyone’s happiness and a successful marriage.

Remain Open

Keeping quiet about stuff is extremely tempting, especially if you know the issue will cause conflict, stress or any other kind of negative feeling. The thought of opening up can cause us to fear it, but we really shouldn’t. Even though some conversations can be brutal, opening up and being honest with each other can bring you closer together in many ways and is something you need to work on.

Listen Harder

Communication is essential for a successful marriage. When you listen more, you learn more about a person, but when you listen beyond the words, you may notice subtle problems that sit behind them. This can play a massive part in the way you communicate and relate to one another. When you identify these issues, a deeper connection can form.

Respect Each Other

Being respectful to the person you love is something that should go without saying, but unfortunately, with time, respect can lessen. There is nothing wrong with sharing opinions, but they must be combined with hearing each other out. You should never be afraid to speak for yourself, just remember to do it in the right way.

Make Time

When you stop making time for someone, you naturally grow apart. The same goes for your partner. Even if you live together, spending quality time together is a lot different to spending ordinary time together. Making time for your partner is essential for a happy marriage. You can do so by planning date nights, making arrangements for when you both get home from work or putting in an extra effort in the bedroom. There are so many different options out there, you just need to remain open-minded and make the time.

Fight Together

When you look at the issues and struggles you have to deal with, you can get confused about what you should be fighting for. When you fight together, the perspective, process and outcome can be greatly changed.

Working at a marriage together is the key to it being successful. Communication, time and love is essential and the harder you try, the more positive the outcome. Just make sure the both of you are working towards the right and the same goals for optimum happiness.

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