littlemoments1-2IMG_2893New cars – I bought these on the first day of Sam’s trip away and they actually did a pretty good job of occupying Arlo for those few weeks when I had lots of photoshoot editing to do on top of solo-parenting. In fact, he’s still playing with them every day so it was definitely one of my better toy purchases!

29 weeks pregnantMe at 29 weeks. I am reviewing this top from The Essential One and it is perfect for pregnancy and nursing, more on that in a later post.

IMG_2908Arlo loves sorting and order – it always makes me smile to come across little organised surprises like this around the house.

brighton pierA little trip to Brighton

IMG_2924The first  time he’d seen the sea since he was a baby.

forward facing car seatArlo really hasn’t spent much time in forward-facing car seats at all. Aside from a taxi journey when he was 10 months old, this was his first time. I thought it would be a novelty for him, but (excuse the pun) he really couldn’t care either way. He’s as happy in our rear-facing seat as he is in the forward-facing ones we’ve now got in his grandparents’ cars.

Canon 50mm 1.4In January, I kindly (and very surprisingly) received enough birthday money to buy this lens that has been on my wishlist forever. Unfortunately, as with most spare money that comes our way, we had to spend it elsewhere (fixing the roof and car insurance, boo). I was a bit gutted, to be honest. This happens every time we have ‘disposable’ income that we are meant to spend on ourselves. But I  promised myself that I would be able to justify buying the lens before baby 2’s arrival, and due to a very succesful February/March for Chloe Bridge Photography, it turned out that I didn’t have too long to wait until I could afford the purchase.

Tootsa Macginty jeansTootsa jeans twins (their outfit choices were pure coincidence!)


  1. Little cars are fab. My son (now six) went through nearly every pair of jeans he owned at about Arlo’s age pushing toy cars around the floor incessantly.

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