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When you think of marble, you think of the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon in Athens and the
Marble Hall in Buckingham Palace.

For centuries, marble décor has been the ultimate in
luxury, and it’s back on trend this year to add some serious glam to your home.

The first thing you’re probably thinking: that’s going to cost A LOT. However, you don’t
need a royal budget to achieve the marble look. Consider these ideas to get yourself a regal

Gorgeous Flooring

If you have got a bit of cash to splash, marble flooring brings elegance and grandeur to any
room. It’s a great finish for bathrooms and kitchens, particularly when paired with
centrepiece items like a marble bath or kitchen island.

Marble flooring does need some serious TLC, so be prepared to spend some time looking
after it before you take the plunge. Marble is a soft stone that can be vulnerable to stains and
grit, so extra care is required to prolong its life.

The good news is, if maintained well, such wear over time will only add character to the
design, so don’t be afraid to make the move.

Deck the Walls

Whilst you might not be able to introduce majestic marble pillars as if you were in some
ancient palace, you can do some seriously cost-effective work with the walls to make an
extravagant interior.

Marble effect wallpaper or tiling can turn any room into a work of art, and the mix of light
tones and subtle veining means it can work with any number of minimalist interior designs.
Using effect wallpaper instead of the real thing is not only a big money-saver, but also a great
way to introduce the marble design to the bedroom or living room.

If you want to go a bit louder, you can use a two-tone marble effect in a hallway or go
opulent with a gold marble statement wall.

Accessorise & Glamorise

Finally, if you’re not looking for too much upheaval or don’t fancy too much work, there are
plenty of accessories you can invest in to make an impact around the house.

For the kitchen, think a marble chopping board and mortar and pestle. In the dining room you
can introduce marble effect crockery with a marble serving platter. As for the living room,
think picture frames, a marble topped coffee table and premium candles in a marble casing.

Marble accessories are also a great option to glamorise with standout metals. Most, if not all,
of the items above will be available with gold, copper or brass edging and finishes, meaning
you can add some shimmer without going OTT.

With these marble ideas, you don’t have to make a heavy investment to give your home an
elegant look. Whether you go for the real thing or just play pretend, a marble finished room is
sure to make you feel like a queen in your own home.


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